3 Mobile Broadband Abroad

3 Mobile is the largest 3G network in UK which provides coverage to more than 93% of the population. It was launched in 2007 and within the next 12 months the network grew with a customer base of more than 1 million. One of the major reasons why mobile broadband became popular was the flexibility of roaming. Customers can use their mobile broadband dongle anywhere in UK and abroad to access the internet. 3 mobile broadband abroad, is a facility to roam and use the international networks to send and receive data in the internet.

3 Mobile Broadband Roaming Charges

Since 3 mobile is still under the process of expanding its network in Europe, the mobile broadband roaming cost seems to be higher. Three mobile says that networks in some countries charge them £15.99 for 5GB of data downloaded through their network. This compels them to charge its customers a maximum of £7.87  per GB for using three mobile broadband in some countries.

3 Mobile broadband has splitted the roaming networks in to 3 different bands.

  1. Band 1 includes most of the European countries and the cost per MB is £1.28.
  2. Band 2 incluides countries like Australia, Cyprus North, India, Japan, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Thailand, USA and Virgin Islands and the cost per MB is £3.
  3. Band 3 includes all other countries and the cost per MB is £6.

3 Mobile Customer Services while in Abroad

Customer service

: +44-7782-333-333


: +44-7782-333-444

Local emergency

: 112 for US and 911 for Canada

How to use 3 Mobile Broadband Abroad?

PAY as you Go Abroad

  • It is pre activated for roaming abroad.
  • Account has to be recharged before using it.
  • Usage will be credited from the top up and not from the present add-on.
  • Remember not to add the top up to existing add-ons.

PAY Monthly Abroad

  • Call 0843-373-0500 to activate international roaming.
  • Once activated, billing will be done to the account separately.
  • If you have already exceeded the maximum usage limit then you may have to pay the maximum data usage price before start using it.

The Rates for using Mobile broadband abroad is high because there isn’t any authority to control the roaming charges. Three mobile broadband is focused in reducing the mobile broadband roaming charges and to maintain a standard rate of 25p per MB across the Europe. They are a part of the Mobile Challengers Group, who raises their demands against the high data charges.

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