3 Mobile Broadband for iPad

3 mobile is one of the best mobile broadband providers in UK who offer the most competitive data plans. After the release of iPhone contracts, 3 mobile has once again tied up with Apple to provide micro SIM cards for the iPad. These micro SIM cards are available for purchase as one month rolling contract.

3 Mobile iPad deals

Users can connect to a broadband network using a 3G iPad which can only be purchased from Apple online or from a local store. All the 3G iPads can use a 3 mobile micro SIM card to access its mobile broadband network. These micro SIM cards are offered with two types of data plans with one month rolling contracts. Monthly allowance of 1GB data is offered at £7.50 per month and 10GB data is offered at £15 per month.


Existing mobile broadband will not be able to use their SIM cards in the iPad since it only has a micro SIM card slot which is smaller than the normal one. However users who can exchange their existing SIM cards to a micro SIM card with the same plan by contacting customer care at 0843-373-0500 or 500 from a three mobile. But the users have to remember that the micro SIM cards can only be used with an iPad and iPhone 4. Users are allowed to switch between their data plans of 1GB and 10GB by contacting the customer care.

Otherwise users with might use a 3 Mi-Fi dongle or wireless mobile broadband router to connect multiple devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod etc, to the internet.

How to Setup a 3G micro SIM card?

  1. Users can order a 3G micro SIM card from 3 mobile.
  2. The micro SIM card can be activated by contacting the number provided in the micro SIM card pack.
  3. Remove the micro SIM from the pack.
  4. The SIM tray is located in the side of the iPad with a small hole besides it. The iPad pack will contain a SIM eject tool to pop the SIM tray out.
  5. Once the SIM tray pops out, insert the 3 mobile SIM card and insert the tray back into the iPad.
  6. Turn on and off the iPad to start accessing the internet using your iPad.

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