3 Mobile Broadband Top ups

3-mobile offers Pay as you Go mobile broadband dongles in three different plans. The ZTE MF112 + 1 offers a dongle for £29.99 which includes free first month data usage, the ZTE MF112 + 3 offers a dongle for £39.99 which includes 3 months of free data usage and the ZTE MF112 + 12 offers data usage free for 12 months. Users can purchase any of these dongles and top up for any extra usage.

The Top up for 3 mobile broadband dongle is available for 1GB, 3GB and 7GB at £10, £15 and £25. All these top ups are valid for one month. Users can monitor their data usage by checking the ‘Balance and Spend’ option in the My3 service. 3-mobile offers the My3 service free of cost which will not be calculated in the data usage. Also the My3 service will automatically open up in the browser if the user runs out of data allowance. But customers have to first register their number to the My3 service before they choose to buy a top-up.

Customers can purchase the top ups either online from My3 service or from a local 3 store. However top-up vouchers purchase from a 3 store has to be activated only using the My3 service which again will open up even if there is no connection since it does not consume any data. Users can also register a debit or credit card to the My3 service to top up their account. Sometimes due to maintenance or network errors the My3 service might show some errors. In these cases customers can give a try again, if it still doesn’t work, then they can get in touch with a dedicated 3-mobile support service by dialing 0843-373-0500. Also customers can call 500 from a 3 –mobile to top up their account. However 3-mobile does not offer any kind of refund if the user has purchased a wrong top up.

3-mobile also offers a Pay as you Go wireless Mi-Fi modem at a onetime fee of £49.99. This modem can be used to connect multiple devices to the internet using the mobile network. This device can also be topped up using the MY3 service and they are also eligible for similar boosters used by USB dongles.

All the Pay as you go mobile broadband from 3-mobile are pre-activated for an international roaming which includes almost 70 countries. But users have to top up their account before they travel aboard. Each MB of data used abroad will be charged at £1.25.

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