A Guide To Mobile Broadband Security

No matter whether you are using a computer or your mobile phone to browse the Internet, it would be in your interest to ensure that all security measures are in place such that no person is able to get into your system and begin to download through your mobile broadband Internet connectivity.

It would be best to get to know the dangers of utilizing a mobile dongle and understand the steps that you would need to take for safeguarding your mobile broadband.

The danger
What you should know is that as your connection for mobile broadband is a mobile phone agreement that has a SIM card, the greatest danger is that you may get your modem stolen or it may get lost for the simple reason that any Tom, Dick or Harry could plug into their system and download whatever they require and however much they want through your modem, implying that your bills will sky rocket by the month end.

In the case of either losing the modem or it getting stolen, you should call your mobile provider to inform them immediately so as to ensure that the line is disconnected or cancelled, similar to what they would do when you inform them that you have lost your mobile phone.

Local IP Connection
Mobile broadband consumers are not provided with an Internet IP address like what you are provided with a fixed landline connection. Rather you would be provided with an IP address locally as the one you are provided in the office.

Though this makes no difference while surfing the net, the fact is that it ensures that your connection is better safeguarded. The connection is protected by the firewall that the provider has, with an IP address that is provided locally, which makes it rather tough for people to break into. Nevertheless it does not imply that you would be unable to connect with the mobile broadband with remote access using another system.

In-built encryption
Since the mobile broadband utilizes the network of the provider in which everything is previously encrypted, it seems like you have a WPA or WEP key inside your connection.

It is different from wireless
Though you feel that mobile broadband is a wire-free connection, it would not be possible for anyone to examine your signals like they probably could have you been utilizing a Wi-Fi connection. This means that if you happen to utilize your modem either when you are travelling or in some cafeteria there is no cause for worry regarding people trying to hack into it.

Broadband Routers for mobiles
Nevertheless the fact remains that if you happen to be utilizing a broadband wireless router or a mobile broadband Wi-Fi dongle, you have to ensure that you take the necessary and the regular precautionary measures like setting up a secure WPA or WEP key. This is to make certain that people who have no right do not look for your signals and get connected through your router.

General Security
One that that you should probably know is that any person surfing the web must ascertain that they have a dependable and good security software like McAfee or Norton set up in your system to safeguard your system being attacked by viruses, hackers and Trojans.