Best Mobile broadband for Roaming

Accessing the internet has become more convenient and faster with the use of mobile broadband modems. Also the greatest advantage from the other type of internet service is the mobility and seamless connectivity across the country. Mobile broadband is powered using the mobile base stations across the country. The providers might be the same or different between the countries around the globe. Major leaders like Vodafone, Orange, Virgin Media etc, maintain an extensive network across the globe. While providers like 3 mobile, O2 etc are available only in few countries.

All the USB modems have a 3G SIM card inserted in to the slot which will connect to the available 2G or 3G signal from the nearest base station. The speed of the connection depends upon the distance of the base station, network standard (2G, 3G) available and the signal strength. When the user travels from place to place, the connectivity also switches between the base stations. Also there might be high chances of getting connected to the base station of a different service provider while travelling abroad. This is due to the unavailability of the specific providers in all the countries. Instead they rent or lease a specific space from the service provider of that country. This might be a little higher than the actual cost per MB. These are some of the reasons why users feel variations in speed and pay more for data roaming.

3 mobile

Data roaming is charged at £1.25 per Mb. The maximum data allowance for European roaming is set to £45 after which the internet will be disconnected. Users can either choose to use the same plan or change the plan by contacting 3 mobile abroad customer services at +44-7782-333-330. This call will not be charged if contacted from a 3 mobile. The users will be alerted before the data allowance is used.


European roaming is offered by T-mobile broadband at £1.50/MB and for the rest of the world at £7.50/MB.

Orange Mobile

Orange mobile broadband charges £2.94 per MB for roaming in Europe and £6.46 per MB in the rest of the world.


Vodafone allows up to 50MB per day while in Europe at £9.99 per MB while it’s £29.99 per MB out of Europe. Users will be alerted via text message before the data allowance is completed. Also users can opt to choose a fixed roaming plan of £43 by dialing 191 from a Vodafone mobile.