Avoid excessive data allowance

Mobile internet is calling the shot in the modern days. There is practically none without any form of internet enabled device – a smartphone, a tablet or something like that. The facility to connect to online while on the move has made life more convenient, interesting and enjoyable for all. The business and trading personnel […]

How to insert, change or remove micro SIM card from iPad?

iPad is a digital reader introduced by Apple which is capable of accessing the internet from either a Wi-Fi or 3G network. To access a Wi-Fi network the user have to just switch on Wi-Fi access, but to access the 3G network the user needs to install a 3G mobile broadband SIM card into the […]

Wireless Broadband vs Mobile Broadband

Wireless Broadband Wireless broadband is a method of connecting to a cable internet connection using a wireless router. Users require a wireless router and a wireless card installed in their computer to access the internet wirelessly. The cable broadband connection is plugged in to the wireless router and the wireless option is enabled to create […]

Tethering vs Mobile Broadband

Tethering Tethering is a process of connecting to the internet using a mobile phone as a modem. The mobile phone is connected to the computer using a data cable and the SIM card access the mobile network. The connection software and driver files have to be manually installed in the computer to connect to the […]

Home Broadband vs Mobile Broadband

Home Broadband Home Broadband is referred to the cable broadband connection which is provided with the help of fiber optic cables. This connection does not require a telephone line, but is completely wired. Users can connect the cable directly to the computer or connect it to a wireless router to gain wireless internet access within […]

Difference between Mobile Broadband and 3G Broadband

Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband is a technology which uses a USB modem to access the broadband internet service from the mobile networks. It can also access the internet using the mobile data cards and inbuilt mobile broadband modems. The modem is plugged in to the USB port of the computer which provides power to the […]

Difference between Mobile Broadband and Wireless Broadband

Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband provides access to the internet from anywhere if the mobile network coverage is available. A 3G SIM card is inserted into a USB modem and plugged in to the computer to gain internet access wirelessly. Mobile Broadband modem can be used to gain internet access to only one computer. In UK […]

Difference between Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi

Mobile Broadband Mobile Broadband modems are owned by users to gain access to the internet from the nearest mobile base station. An USB modem, data card or inbuilt modem is used to connect to the mobile network to access the internet. Mobile Broadband is offered as pay monthly, pay as you go, short term and […]

How to use Mobile Broadband on Laptop?

  Mobile broadband is mostly favored by the laptop users since it provides more mobility and better broadband access to the internet. Also mobile broadband offers a USB modem with a pre-installed connection manager software and driver to connect to the internet. Insert the SIM card in to the USB modem and plug in to […]

How to share Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband connection can be shared among the users either using Ethernet cable or wireless using a wireless router. Also some mobile broadband providers offer Mi-Fi routers that can be used to share the connection wirelessly. Using Wireless Router Get a wireless router which allows access of mobile broadband modem Connect the USB modem in […]