Mobile broadband error 797

Windows users especially with Vista might face an issue which does not allow connection to the internet. They might most likely get an error 797- the modem could not be found or busy. This issue normally occurs if there is no communication happening from the modem’s end. Probably the device itself is not detected or […]

Mobile Broadband Error 777

Have you experienced this error while using a mobile broadband– “Error-777 Modem out of Order”, then here you have the solution. This issue might occur after an upgradation of any network related software or the operating system itself. If the modem was working fine earlier and does not work after any of these changes then […]

Mobile Broadband Error 720

Users might receive a mobile broadband error 720 which says “A connection to the remote computer could not be established. Change the network settings.” This error occurs if the TCP/IP protocol stack is corrupt. TCP/IP is a suite of internet communication protocols which helps to connect to the internet in a windows based computer. Changes […]

Mobile Broadband Error 633

The error 633 might occur in a mobile broadband connection if there is an issue with the modem drivers. Incompatible drivers might have a conflict with the operating system or any of the system software especially with any remote connection or sync software which can cause this issue. This issue can be mostly resolved by […]

Mobile Broadband Error 608

Mobile broadband users might sometimes experience an error 608 while trying to connect to the internet. This error message normally occurs when the operating system cannot connect to the USB modem or if there isn’t any active sync between the computer and the modem. In windows based operating system like windows XP, Vista and 7 […]

Mobile Broadband Error 678

This is one of the familiar errors that every Mobile Broadband user would have seen. It says, “Error-678, The remote computer did not respond. Unable to establish a network connection.” Users normally get this error when trying to connect to the mobile broadband network. It means that the USB modem was unable to communicate with […]

Mobile Broadband Error 619

This is a common error in Mobile Broadband which can occur if the SIM card is not recognized or inactive. Mostly this error occurs with PAYG mobile broadband which should be activated manually after the time of purchase. The SIM card in the USB modem will not be able to access the mobile network if […]