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Internet and Social media has covered a huge range of audience and users, which also includes children of different age groups. Children and Teens have started using their own laptops with Mobile Broadband and mobile Internet service, that makes browsing more private. The Web is a mixture of knowledgeable and abusive content, which is hard to identify for any new users. Especially out of excitement and less exposure, kids are easily vulnerable to these exploiting Internet sources. There are many cases where kids have become victims and even lost their lives to these Internet offenders.

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A better learning about the rules of Internet safety, by the parents and children can help them protect against these offenders. Here we have a collected a huge resource of Children Internet Security websites that serve the purpose.

Children Internet Safety Rules and Training

  1. Think You Know– provides Internet security tips for children, parents and teachers in a very presentable and interactive way.
  2. Child Net International– is a non-profitable organization that aims to provide safer web experience.
  3. Police Home Office– provides reports and information related to Social networking, child protection and exploitation.
  4. Kids Smart– provides children security information about Social networking, chatting, web browsing, web search and file sharing.
  5. Get Net Wise– offers about online safety guides, tools for monitoring child Internet access, trouble reporting and children websites.
  6. Direct GOV Internet Safety– guides parents and children about cyber bullying, social networking, file sharing, online gaming and other Internet jargons.
  7. Microsoft Online Safety– provides information and news related to child Internet protection, family safety and social networking.
  8. Safer Internet– covers information for children, parents and teachers related to online communication, cyber bullying, entertainment, child pornography, online gaming, privacy, parental controls, etc.
  9. Get Safe Online– is a beginner’s guide for getting started with safe and secure Internet.

Reporting Child Internet Abuse

  1. Internet Watch Foundation– was established to act as a hot-line for UK Internet users and IT professionals to report criminal and abusive online communication.
  2. CEOP Report Abuse– helps users to get solutions related to cyber bullying, hacking, viruses, mobile problems, harmful contents and sexual behavior.
  3. Virtual Global Task Force– is a union of police forces around the world that monitors and accepts complaints related to child abuse through the Internet and other sources.
  4. Home Office Reporting– is maintained by Direct GOV which accepts complaints related to terrorists, violent extremist and hate material online.
  5. Action Fraud– is setup to receive complaints related to online fraud in UK.
  6. Child Line– is a help line for child abuse online.
  7. Report-child-abuse

  8. Policing Team in UK– can be used to search the nearest police station in UK, using postal code or street name and Town.
  9. UK Police Service– provides contact information of police departments available in different regions in UK.
  10. Scotland Police– website provides information related to the Police force in Scotland.
  11. PSNI– provides information related to the Police service of Northern Ireland.
  12. Google Security Issues– was created by Google to keep its users safe by allowing them to report abusive and threatening contents being displayed in its products.
  13. You Tube Safety Center– can be used as a perfect guide to report and solve issues related to hateful and abusive video contents in You-Tube.

Children Chat Safety

  1. Chat Danger– offers information related to potential danger using chat related service in computers and mobile phones.
  2. Wired Safety– provides basic security tips for using online chat rooms and IRC channels.
  3. Be Safe Online– explains the common problems and methods to overcome issues while using a chat service.
  4. Protect Kids– is more informative about protecting children in the cyberspace.
  5. Safe Kids-advises on chat room safety
  6. AIM Chat Rules– provides chat room rules and guidelines for AOL instant messenger.
  7. Skype Security– provides information on the Skype calling and chat services online.
  8. Yahoo Help– can be used to know the rules to be safe in Yahoo chat.
  9. Google Talk Help– can be used to stay secure while using Google Talk.

Children Internet Safety Videos, Films and Play Areas

  1. Direct GOV Kids– is a funny and interesting area for kids to play and learn things online.
  2. Kid Grid– hosts information related to sites, music, events, sports, computers, Internet, and education for kids.
  3. CEOP Advice– is a video that explains on how to report child abuse online using the CEOP website.
  4. On Guard Online– provides videos and games related to online safety.

Children Internet Safety Reports

  1. Safer Children in a Digital World.Pdf– is a report which was written and published by “Dr.Tanya Byron” – Clinical Psychologist from UK in the year 2008.

Children Search Engines

  1. CBBC– is an exclusive website with rich, funny and more useful contents for children, maintained by the British Broadcasting Corporation.
  2. Kids Click– is a kid web search engine which provides information related to education, facts and references.
  3. Ask Kids– is a search engine maintained by ASK search, exclusively for children.
  4. Yahoo Kids– allows searches for kids related stuff like music, games, movies, jokes, e-cards, etc.
  5. Kid Rex– is a customized search powered by Google that allows children to search safely online.
  6. Quintura Search– is a kid’s search engine that is easier and presentable for kids to search the web.

Firefox Plug-in for Kids Safety Internet

Users of Mozilla Firefox can download and install any of the below mentioned add-ons to protect their children from abusive content on the Internet and provide them a safe web experience.

  1. Procon– It is a content filter that can be activated to block any kind of pornography, gambling and hacking sites and allow only the sites desired by the user.
  2. Link Extend– It can be installed in the Firefox browser to know the Meta site ratings, even before opening them.
  3. Glubble– This add-on can be installed to turn Firefox into a fun filled browser loaded with many games and safe kids sites.
  4. Broozi– This add-on allows children to discover Internet in a safe and easier way.

Tools for Child Internet Safety

  1. Parental Control Bar– This is a free tool bar which is compatible with Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. It can be installed to avoid children from viewing adult related websites.
  2. Cyber Patrol– allows a safe and secure browsing and playing online.

Blogs related to Online safety

  1. Family Webwatch– This blog provides suggestion, product reviews and articles which helps to gain a safe browsing experience.

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