Guide to solving Mobile Broadband Issues

Mobile broadband you know has become popular and is available all over. At the same time, the coverage in each area varies. For this reason, be sure to verify as to the extent of 3G coverage in your region, prior to getting a mobile broadband connection.

However, if in case you happened to have bought a connection, and then were to find that there is no coverage in your area, then here are some tips for you on how to get your money back.

Tips to get Money back on your Mobile Broadband Connections

Distance Selling Regulation
In the instances, where you have purchased the mobile phone through the internet or on the phone, then the distance selling regulations, will be levied on your purchase, thus offering a total money back guarantee, in a week of receiving your equipment, even without your stating any particular reason.

This distance selling regulation, is effective under the UK law, thus protecting your interests, when you make a purchase ‘at a distance’, despite of any specific return policies by the seller.

Money back policies with regard to Mobile Broadband
Next, it is the money back policy, even if you don’t come under the distance selling regulation. In such cases, you can ask for your money back, citing poor coverage for the service, as the reason.

Nevertheless, each seller may have specific policies concerning this. Virgin claims to have the best cash back policy, permitting the user to give back the device and cancel the deal, within almost 28 days.

Let us look at some of the refund policies of certain good mobile broadband sellers, if their coverage happens to be weak.

These sellers give the user the right to withdraw the deal, at whatever time, in the instance of weak coverage.

The service provider, Carphone Warhouse has a two weeks withdrawal policy, in case the coverage is weak, levied on all the deals purchased, whether it be in-store, via the phone or even over the internet.

Phones4U as well did not offer any official return policy at first. However, this year, they had to come out with a two weeks returns policy, in case of any coverage issues.

O2 is another provider with two weeks cancellation policy, if the coverage is poor, same for all purchases, be it at the store, by phone or via the internet.

Orange, in the meantime does not have any specific returns policy, if the coverage happens to be weak. The cash back in such instances varies and is done as per the personal decision of the store manager.

Tesco Mobile offers the 2 weeks cancellation policy, in case of weak coverage on the deals purchased in- store, via telephone or via the internet.

In the meantime, the cancellation policy of Virgin Mobile is for almost 28 days, if the coverage happens to be weak in the users area, valid for any purchase made, be it at the store, by telephone or even online.

Now, let us as well look at T-Mobile with its cancellation policy of a week, if the coverage happens to be weak, for the entire deals, purchased at the store, via the phone or even if bought over the net.

Vodafone, at the same time has a week’s cancellation policy in case of any weak coverage, valid on all deals, purchased in-store, by phone or via the internet.

Refund for Mobile Broadband Device with defects
Most of the manufacturers of the mobile broadband offers warrantee for the user for a specified amount of time in case of any defect happening to the device, within the given time. However, the warrantee becomes nullified, in the instance that the defect is self-caused or in case of any misuse of the device.

At the same time, notwithstanding the guarantee by the manufacturer, the seller will anyways have to provide a refund, or repair or replacement, as per the Sale of Goods Act, if you find the device faulty within a specific amount of time.

However, the compensation or policies differ based on the causes, as well as the time period, it was used for when the fault occurred. The seller, also, as a first option would normally offer repair or replacement, rather than money back.

On the whole, if the defect is found in half years’ time, the law accepts that the defect was part of the phone, until the seller has any proof to the contrary. Simultaneously, if the defect occurs, after this half year period, then the user will have to provide proof that the defect is not caused by them, or that they have not in any way misused the device.

Let us now see the guide on how to handle these faulty devices.

Tips on how to deal with defective products

Cancellation of the broadband contract, before time
You can take a step to withdraw your broadband contract, before the time. Be sure to confirm if you have the option to do so and the stipulated time period within which you can do it, prior to entering into a deal with the mobile service provider.

Sometimes, if you withdraw a contract, prior to the end of the contract term, you may be charged some early cancellation costs, which could be expensive, amounting to either the total fee for all the months, till the termination period of the contract.

For example, in case you are cancelling at the second month a deal valid for 18 months, then you have to put in money worth the charge for 16 months.

You should also be aware that currently, there are no specific official rules, which may permit the user to terminate any deal at the middle, in case the network coverage is weak, even if your house be at an area, where you do not have any range for the mobile signals.

On the other hand, a few of the dealers offer certain policies, permitting the user to terminate a deal, if the coverage happens to be weak for the service.

In case your contract period is over, then you can terminate the deal at any point whatsoever, even if most of the companies have a notice period valid for 30 days.

Guide to complaining about your service provider for Mobile Broadband
At first, be aware of the official steps for complaining about any mobile broadband provider. In case, you find that calling up has no effect, then write and send your grievance, maybe it could help. Be sure to retain an account of all the spoken or written communications.

Secondly, in the instance that your mobile broadband provider is not responding even after 8 weeks or so, then you can approach the Otelo or Cisas, with the issue. All the service providers of the mobile broadband is part of at least one of these two telecoms dispute resolution schemes (at the official websites of each, you can find the service providers, that come under it).

These separate complaints schemes help you to look into your complaint with regard to a service provider of mobile broadband, in the instance that you are unable to solve the issue, directly with the provider.

You can approach either Otelo or Cisas, prior to the 8 weeks, if for instance the service provider sends you a “deadlock letter” stating their disinclination to solve the complaint.

Otelo and Cisas can be approached in case you have issues with your mobile service provider that you pay for and not regarding other mobile phone sellers who are reselling the mobile deals and does not own a service, an example is Phones4U.

Cisas and Otelo can urge your provider to either make an apology or give a reason for its actions. They also can ensure that you get a product or service from your provider. In case, you have any proof for the damage, which may have occurred, then they can as well confirm that the service provider will compensate for the same.

Finally, you can also connect with the telecoms regulator, Ofcom. Even if it has no authority to deal with an individual issue, it could still keep track of the problems of the users and urge the company to pay fine in case, it observes any severe continuous issues.

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