How to insert, change or remove micro SIM card from iPad?

iPad is a digital reader introduced by Apple which is capable of accessing the internet from either a Wi-Fi or 3G network. To access a Wi-Fi network the user have to just switch on Wi-Fi access, but to access the 3G network the user needs to install a 3G mobile broadband SIM card into the iPad.

The iPad uses a special micro SIM card which is much smaller than the normal SIM card. In UK these SIM cards are provided by Orange, Vodafone, 3mobile and O2 mobile. The micro SIM card should be inserted in to the SIM card tray of the iPad. However users might find it difficult to find the SIM card slot. Here is how you do it.


  1. The SIM card tray is found on the left side of the iPad which has a small hole near it. Inside the hole is small button which helps to eject the SIM card tray out of the iPad. (This hole should be similar to the one which we find in the computer CD tray for emergency eject).
  2. All the iPad kits should contain a SIM card eject tool. If not found you may have to contact Apple regarding this.
  3. Insert the sharp end of the tool inside the hole.
  4. Make sure the tool is straight and press firmly and gently so that the tray pops out completely.
  5. If you are sure how to do this and even if you have lost the eject tool, then you can use a paper clip to eject the SIM tray.
  6. Put the micro SIM card inside the tray and push it back inside so that you hear a slight click sound.
  7. Once done, the SIM tray would not slide out.

This SIM card tray in the iPad is setup in this way to assure that the SIM card fits firmly in to the device and is not removed even if the device is dropped down.

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2 Responses to “How to insert, change or remove micro SIM card from iPad?”
  1. janet reid says:

    my sim card is too big to go in the tray to the insert into the ipad – it talks of ‘micro-sim card’ but this appears normal size to me?

  2. janet reid says:

    problem solved – the gold bit pops out ~(too early in day!)