How to Share Your Mobile Broadband with another Computer?

Going by the present trend, the telecom market is all full of Mobile Broadband system backed up by the well reputed brands coming up with an array of packages to choose from. Presently, most of the subscribers are opting for mobile broadband connections instead of the fixed one. They want to have it for their home purpose as well. However, when the thought of sharing the mobile broadband with other machines come pouring out, it lefts a big question mark on the user. Wireless mobile broadband is a system of multiple user access to the internet using a USB dongle. Despite several facilities, the hitch is that with a single dongle, network connection can be availed in a single machine at one time. Now this is absolutely contrary to the sharing of network connection. But that does not really mean that you cannot share your mobile broadband as technology has solutions to all the technical problems

The easiest way to do this is through getting hold of a Wi-Fi enabled access system. The system works anytime anywhere, runs on lithium-ion batteries and operates up to some hours. If you don’t mind shelling out a little more, you can get a Mi-Fi access system, which is a mobile broadband gadget, ultra portable, stylish, and suave. 3Mobile broadband has recently launched its Mi-Fi enabled network access which acts exactly like a dongle and comes with built-in NAT firewall and CDMA authentication and identification, thus much safer to use. The device creates Wi-Fi hotspots so that the user can connect with a minimum of five machines that include desktop PCs, laptops, Nintendo DS, iPods, Touch phones, or some other Wi-Fi gizmos. For those who have installed the mobile broadband at home computers, Vodafone has launched a Wi-Fi cradle through its own Mi-Fi unit. The device permits Wi-Fi access while detecting the Vodafone wireless broadband dongle. It makes the system much flexible for the user as the dongle can be used separately when needed without hampering the Wi-Fi network sharing process.

For those, who do not want to lay out the money for purchasing an extra hardware, network sharing is also possible for them as Windows has its own built-in network sharing features that allows the internet connection to be shared amongst a number of computers sitting within the periphery of home network. The procedure is a bit complex, so the first timers will require guides from Microsoft regarding setting the whole thing up. Besides, another drawback is that, as the network is a centralized one, so turning off the main or the host computer will make the other machines to terminate the connectivity as well.

Another option of sharing mobile broadband with other computers is through 3G wireless routers. Purchasing a Mi-Fi unit can be costly, while 3G wireless routers come with a much affordable price of around £40. The devices almost resemble the home broadband routers. The difference lies in the USB port on the back side for mobile dongles to get connected with other machines.