Increase Mobile Broadband Speed

All of us are considered about the speed of our Internet Connection. Especially the Mobile Broadband users might have more concern about the download speeds since the mobile signals are influenced by many factors. It’s impossible to increase the actual speed offered by a provider in a specific area. However steps can be taken to boost the signal strength, improve reliability and provide better access to the internet.

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Facts about Mobile Broadband

  1. Mobile Broadband connects to the internet using the nearest base station of the mobile operator.
  2. The maximum speed of a mobile signal varies based on the mobile network standard (2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G) used by the mobile operator.
  3. The speed of the connection is influenced by Mobile Broadband coverage and the signal strength.
  4. Also speed of the connection is always lesser than the speed offered by the provider.
  5. Mobile Broadband speed is influenced by many hindrances like thick walls, glass rooms, etc.
  6. Download speed of the internet can be slow if the system performance is affected by a virus or spyware.
  7. Slow performance can also be experienced if the USB modem is damaged and if the firmware is corrupted or not up to date.

Users can know the actual speed of the connection using a Mobile Broadband Speed Tester.

How to improve 3G Mobile Broadband Speed?

UK mobile networks run with a mixture of 2G and 3G standards. The maximum speed offered by a 3G broadband service is 14.4Mbps while speed offered by the mobile broadband providers in UK is 7.2Mbps. But the average speed gained by the users of all the mobile broadband providers would be 2 Mbps or lesser. However, the Government and the mobile operators are in the expedition of increasing the coverage as well as speed to meet the need of next generation online applications. Upon research we would like to share a few suggestions which can help the users maintain a reliable connection.

  1. Identifying the correct Location
  2. no-signal

    Mobile Broadband modems can receive better signals in an open space rather than a closed space or room. Since the USB modem is mostly used with a laptop it should be easy for user to move around the house or work besides a window which can provide better signal strength. Rooms if covered with glass or thick walls may restrict mobile signals. Also users should be aware that many providers in UK are in the process of upgrading the speed of their mobile base stations. This can provide speed variations especially while travelling.

  3. Improving System Performance
  4. system-performance

    The performance of the system can also reduce the internet speed. Users can run an online scan or install security software if they suspect any malicious program running in the computer like a virus, spyware or adware.

  5. Updating the USB Modem Firmware
  6. mobile-broadband-updates

    The USB modems are pre-loaded with connectivity software which is installed automatically, once it is connected to the computer. This firmware can be corrupted or might be out of date which can create connectivity or slow speed issues. Users can refer to the manufactures website (like Huawei) or the mobile operator website (like 3-mobile, orange, etc.) to check if the firmware is up to date.

  7. Extending the USB modem
  8. mobile-broadband-usb-cable

    All the USB modems are provided with an USB cable which can be used to extend the distance between the computer and the USB modem. This helps the modem to receive better signal especially when it is connected to a desktop computer since it cannot be moved frequently.

  9. Using an External Antenna
  10. external-antenna-mobile-broadband

    Most of the mobile broadband modems are provided with a slot to connect an external antenna. These antennas are capable of receiving a better signal even in closed rooms or while travelling in a car. Connecting these antennas to the modem will improve the signal strength which in turn can improve the speed of the connection.

  11. Using a Signal Booster or Femtocell
  12. vodafone-signal-booster

    Signal Booster or Femtocell means the same, which helps to improve the 2G or 3G signals locally. The Femtocell is like a base station which receives the mobile signal and transmits it inside the house. These devices use external power supply and provide better signal strength inside the premise. At present signal boosters are offered by Vodafone in UK.

  13. Using an Wireless Router
  14. 3-wireless-routerMany mobile broadband providers like 3-mobile and T-mobile offer wireless routers and share docks which can help receiving a better signal. The modem is plugged in the USB port of the router and kept in a place where it can receive a better signal. These routers are more powerful and can provide faster wireless access. Users can connect to the wireless device from anywhere and get a reliable connection.
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  15. Installing Download Speed Accelerator
  16. Speed accelerators are software that can be installed in the computer to improve the download speeds. This software improves the speed of download by compressing the elements of download using different methods and allows faster download speeds.

Click here to download Speed Accelerator.

Users should be confirming the speed of the respective network before subscribing to a specific plan. Also most of the providers offer a return policy (number of days differ based on the provider), within which the customers can return the modem if they were unable to receive the offered speed and choose a different provider.