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Mobile Broadband has started dominating the broadband market, since the technology has got many advantages for the users. Increase in the size, speed and coverage of the 3G (3rd Generation) network has promised more mobility for the internet users. Also the continuous growth in the technology and the innovation of the broadband devices has brought more value added features to browsing. MiFi is one of the technologies that has grown in the US market and is emerging in other markets like UK.

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This guide is a complete reference of MiFi and its usage in UK

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What is MiFi?

MiFi is a new innovation which is expected to dominate the mobile broadband market in the coming years. It’s a compact but powerful device that allows multiple wireless enabled electronic gadgets to access the internet. It receives and transmits a broadband connection wirelessly without any external power source.

How MiFi works?

The working of MiFi is very simple. It is an integration of Mobile Broadband and WiFi.

Mobile Broadband + WiFi = MiFi (Mobile WiFi)

WiFi Hotspot: A WiFi-hotspot is a place where a user can get wireless access to the internet either for free or at a cheaper price. A device called “Wireless Router” is connected to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The signal received from the ISP is transmitted wirelessly for a certain distance, which can be accessed by any wireless enabled device.

MiFi allows users to create a wireless hotspot within their home or office. The device used for creating this simple wireless home network is known as a MiFi modem or MiFi router.

The device will have a SIM card which is capable of receiving the signals from a 3G network based on the availability and coverage in the area. The received signal is transmitted wirelessly to a certain range and creates a wireless zone. Any wireless enabled electronic device within the range can access the wireless network.

This device does not require an external power source; instead it uses a rechargeable battery. The device can be secured using a password, thus restricting unauthorized usage.

MiFi providers- UK

The first commercial MiFi plan was launched in UK by 3 mobile on 17th Sep 2009. 3 mobile offers the Hauwei E5830 modem along with a MiFi mobile broadband contract. The stylish and compact device can be accessible only using a 3 mobile SIM card.

Since the technology is successful in UK, we can expect many MiFi deals to be launched by other providers in the future.

3 MiFi Deals

3 MiFi is offered as both pay monthly and pay as you go plans. The MiFi devices purchased under any plan will be delivered for free within the next business day through DHL. Also 3 mobile offers a 14 day money back guarantee upon dissatisfaction.

3 MiFi Pay Monthly

  1. There are three types of Pay Monthly contracts- 1 month, 18 months and 24 months.
  2. The plan provides three types of usage limit- 1GB, 3GB and 5GB.
  3. Customers have the option of purchasing the modem and paying minimum monthly bills or pay monthly for both modem and the package till the contract period.
  4. A 5GB MiFi plan is also offered as a bundled package along with an I-Pod touch.

3 MiFi Pay as you go

  1. MiFi pay as you go is offered as two plans- 3GB pre loaded and normal PAYG plan.
  2. The PAYG plan costs around £49.99 and the 3GB pre loaded plan costs around £69.99.
  3. The pre loaded data allowance of 3GB can be used anytime within the first 3 months.

3 MiFi, E5830 modem Technical Specifications


: Li 1500mAh (5 hours usage time)


: Std. 3-pin UK


: (Mini plug/Std. plug) USB cable


: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

Internal Memory

: NA

External Memory

: Micro SD Slot (up to 32GB) available




: 86 x 46.5 x 10.5mm


: 90g

3 MiFi, E5830 modem Box

  • 3 MiFi modem
  • Battery
  • Charger (Power Chord)
  • USB cable
  • SIM card with phone number
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Card with SSID and 8 digit password (Network key)
  • Instruction cards, warranty card and safety leaflet

3 MIFI features

1. 3 mobile, MIFI modem is built with a plastic case coated in an aluminium colour.

2. The front side of the modem has a large display to show the status lights of the modem.

3. There are 3 buttons available on the right side of the modem. The one on the top is used to switch on/off the mobile broadband (3G broadband), the one in the middle is used to switch on/off the WI-FI connection (MiFi) and the third one is used to power on/off the modem.

4. There is no internal memory available in the modem; instead a micro SD slot is available on the left side of the modem.

5. The device receives the 3G signal using a 3 mobile SIM card and is powered using a Lithium battery.

6. The modem has a USB port at the bottom which can be used to charge the battery using the modem charger. Also a mini plug USB cable is provided to connect the modem to the computer for accessing the external memory cards.

3 MiFi System Requirements

3 MiFi modem does not have any specific system requirements. It’s compatible with all the wireless (802.11b/g) enabled devices. Devices like computer, laptop, Mac PC, I-phone, I-pod, etc, can be connected to the internet using the 3 MiFi modem.

Please refer to your computer or laptop manufacturer’s website to know if its wireless (802.11b/g) enabled. If there isn’t any inbuilt wireless card in the computer, or if it’s not working properly, then you may have to install an external wireless card.

3 MiFi Setup

  1. Charge the 3 MiFi modem for at least 12 hours before you start using it.
  2. Once the battery is fully charged, insert the SIM card in the modem.
  3. Fix the battery and close the case. The back panel should close with a click sound.
  4. Press and hold the Power button to turn on the modem.Wait until the two lights on the display glow solid green.
  5. Press the Wi-Fi/WPS button, just once. Wait until the blue “W” light glows solid blue.
  6. Press and hold the broadband button. Wait until the blue “M” light glows solid blue.
  7. Now the device is ready and will hold good for 5 hours of browsing.
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How to Connect MiFi?

Before connecting to a MiFi connection, make sure if the wireless connection in the computer is working fine and is turned on.

3 MiFi, Windows Configuration

  1. Click on Start.
  2. In the menu, click on Connect to.
  3. Click on the Connect to network option.
  4. You will see a list of wireless devices. Choose 3 wireless modem.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. Enter the password/network key. (The default password will be found in a card inside the 3 MiFi kit.)
  7. Click on Connect.
  8. Select the Correct option.
  9. Click Close.

3 MiFi, MAC Configuration

  1. Click on the wireless icon.
  2. Click Turn Airport on. (Airport will scan for available networks.)
  3. Click on the wireless icon again.
  4. Select the 3 wireless modem.
  5. Enter the password/network key. (The default password will be found in a card inside the 3 MiFi kit.)
  6. Click Ok.

3 MiFi, I-Pod Touch Configuration

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose the Wi-Fi option.
  3. Select the 3 wireless modem.
  4. Enter the password/network key. (The default password will be found in a card inside the 3 MiFi kit.)
  5. Choose Join.

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3 MiFi Review


The design of the 3 MiFi device seem to be more compact and stylish. It is little bigger than a mobile broadband dongle. Much of the space is occupied by the battery and the display.

Power Supply

The lithium battery provided in the kit holds good for 5+ hours of browsing. The battery can be charged using the standard charger provided with the kit. Also we can use a USB cable and connect it to the USB port of the computer for charging. Initial 12 hours of power supply can make the battery perform better.

Display and Control Switches

The whole device can be controlled using three switches. These switches might be a little difficult for beginners to use, because the device responds better only if it is used in a sequence.

The display shows the complete status of the device. Since the device is working on a battery the lights switches off automatically on standby. The user has to press the power button every time to view the lights again.


The SIM card in the MiFi device will access only the 3 mobile network. 3 mobile coverage is available in almost all parts of UK. But the metros would receive a better signal than the rural.


3 mobile promises a download speed of 7.2Mbps and upload speed of 2Mbps. On an average the download speeds stays around 2.5Mbps and upload speeds stays around 1Mbps.

The 3 MiFi modem is able to transmit its Wi-Fi signals for around 25 meters in a open space, while the signals can get interrupted by thick walls.

3 Mi-Fi supports only the wireless standards 802.11 B and G. But it has not yet reached the maximum speed range of G. Unlike Wi-Fi it does not support the N standard which allows file transfer between devices.
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Other Features

  1. The external micro SD slot supports up to 32 GB, that’s a lot as a storage device.
  2. The device can provide access to a wide variety of devices from I-pods to play stations.
  3. First time configuration of the device would be essential so users can change the password for their Mi-Fi device.
  4. Improved speed ranges would allow us to get the maximum use of it.