Mobile Broadband Antenna

Mobile broadband has become one of the major internet connectivity methods. It works using the mobile networks available within a particular area. Mobile signals are transmitted using the mobile substations which are installed in large numbers across the country. At present each of these base stations are capable of transmitting either 2G or 3G signals. The reliability, speed and distance covered by these signals vary based on the type of signal it transmits. Similar to computers the newer 3G signals is capable of supporting the 2G signals as well. While it does not happen in reverse.

The mobile broadband dongles transmit data using these mobile base stations. However the signal strength of these devices is based on the distance between the mobile base station and the dongle. Also barriers like thick walls, glass doors, etc, can reduce the strength of the mobile signal which in turn reduces rate of data transfer. Sometimes dongles might not be able to access the mobile signals properly even if they are within the range of the substation if it is interrupted by some other wireless signals or high frequencies, etc. In these cases users might require special types of equipments to increase the signal range within their premise or to provide a reliable signal which can help them access the internet faster and without any interruption.

Here we have listed out a few mobile broadband gadgets which can help to increase the mobile reception in a premise:


  1. High Gain Aerial

  2. This device can help the mobile broadband dongles to receive better signals and can be directly connected to the dongles. Most of the dongles will be provided with an antenna connection on the sides which is normally covered using a dust flap. This device has a flat antenna pad which can be kept in an open space like window etc. It has a cable which can be connected to the dongle directly. Now the dongle access the signal received by the external antenna to transmit data.

  3. Vodafone Sure Signal

  4. Vodafone mobile broadband offers a mobile signal booster which can boost the 3G signal in a certain area. It is not connected to the dongle directly. This portable device requires an external power source and can be placed anywhere within the room. It has the capability to receive and transmit 3G signals with a great strength. This device can help the users not just with the mobile broadband, also with any device which requires a mobile signal to transmit voice or data.

  5. USB mobile signal booster

  6. The USB signal booster plugs into the USB port of the computer and provides better signal within the radius of 5m. Connect the USB cable of the antenna in any one of the USB port and place the signal booster at a certain distance. Now any device within a 5m range will be able to access the mobile signals. User can connect the mobile broadband dongle in a different USB port and start accessing the 3G network.