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Technological developments are expected to resolve or improve the quality and speed of a service. However, some products or services might fail to meet the expectations at times. This situation has made customer support to play a key role in the evaluation of a company.

Mobile Broadband is one of the most competitive and demanding service in UK, where users expect better customer service. Support requirement might be as simple as queries about a product or a complicated technical issue. In any case, it’s the responsibility of the provider to help the customer in resolving the issue. Moreover, we also have regulators like Ofcom, Mobile Broadband Group, etc, to monitor and resolve disputes between the operator and the user.

How to report an Issue?

Users might require different levels of support, like product enquiry, coverage and performance issues, technical issues and billing related queries. All these issues will be handled by different departments, based on the skill set and complication of the issue.

However, the Mobile Broadband operators will provide a first point of contact either through telephone, email or web-chat. In some cases online knowledge base and virtual assistance are also used to help the customers.

This is a step by step process that a user can follow to get their issue resolved.

Contact Customer Support


As mentioned earlier, users should be aware of the first point of contact for their service provider, to get directions on “how to get the issue resolved?” Almost all the providers offer a toll free number which will be handled by trained professionals. These representatives will be able to assist the users based on the information provided by them. However, these representatives may be bounded with their own scope of support. Any out of scope support might require a redirection to a different department.

List of customer support contacts for the Mobile Broadband providers in UK

3-Mobile Broadband

From 3-Mobile : 500
From other mobile : 0843-373-0500
Call from abroad : +44-7782-333-500
Sales : 0870-333-3354
From Mini-com : 800-359-6799

Disability Services:
3-Mobile Twitter support

Vodafone-Mobile Broadband

From Vodafone Mobile : 150
PAYG users : 08700-776-655
Pay monthly users : 08700-700-191
PAYG abroad users : +44-7836-191-919
Pay monthly-abroad users : +44-7836-191-191
Business users : +44-7836-191-191

Email: Vodafone email support
Vodafone Twitter support

T-Mobile Broadband

From T-Mobile : 150
From other mobile : 0845-412-5000
Call from abroad : +44 7953-966-150
Lost/Theft : 0845-412-5000

Email: T-mobile email support
T-mobile Twitter support

Orange-Mobile Broadband

From Orange-Mobile : 150
From other mobile : 08700-700-191

Email: Orange email support
Orange Twitter Support

O2-Mobile Broadband

From O2 Mobile : 150
PAYG users : 0844-809-0222
Pay monthly users : 0844-847-0202
General : 0800-977-7337

Email: O2 Email Support
Chat: O2 virtual chat
O2 Twitter support

Virgin-Mobile Broadband

New virgin user : 0845-840-7777
Virgin mobile : 150
From other mobile : 0845-454-1111
General : 0800-977-7337

Email: Virgin email support
Virgin Media Twitter support

Raise a Formal Complaint


At times, users may not be satisfied with the resolution or the providers might refuse to resolve the issue. In both the cases, users might attempt to make a formal complaint either through the complaint form available in the provider’s website or by writing to them directly. Also other contact information can be obtained from the respective customer support representative. Users have the freedom to raise a complaint and get a clarification or a solution for any service, mentioned by the provider.

List of complaint forms for the Mobile Broadband providers in UK

  1. Advice list of 3 Mobile
  2. Customer Relation enquiry at T-Mobile
  3. Internet code of practice at Orange
  4. Help with your complaint from Vodafone
  5. Make a complaint at O2 Mobile
  6. Fill in a complaint form at Virgin Media

Write to your Mobile Broadband Provider

3-Mobile : 3 Customer Services, Hutchison 3G UK Ltd, PO Box 333, Glasgow, G2-9AG.

T-Mobile : The Customer Resolution Team, T-Mobile (UK) Limited, 6 Camberwell Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR3-3XN.

Orange Mobile: Orange Customer care, PO Box 486, Rotherham, S63-5ZX.

Vodafone : Customer Relations Manager, Vodafone Ltd, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14-2FN.

O2-Mobile : O2 Complaint Review Service, PO Box 302, Dunstable, LU6-9GN.

Virgin-Mobile : Complaints, Virgin-Media, PO Box-333, Matrix Court, Swansea, SA7-9ZJ.

Contact ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)


ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is a policy of moderation to resolve the disputes between the Mobile operator and the user. According to the scheme, the moderators listen to the user’s complaint and have the authority, to order the service provider to either fix or pay compensation, if necessary.

Otelo and CISAS are two ADR schemes approved by Ofcom. It’s mandatory for all the service providers in UK, to be a member in either of the scheme. Users can always refer to the mobile broadband provider’s webpage or enquire the customer service representative to know the details about their ADR scheme.

ADR Procedure

  1. A user shall opt for ADR only, if there isn’t any proper response from the ISP, even after sending a formal complaint.
  2. The user shall wait for at least 8 weeks to get a response, from the service provider.
  3. The user shall use the ADR scheme, if the provider has sent a deadlock letter, which states that they cannot be of any further help to the customer.
  4. The customer will not be charged for using the ADR service.

Users can contact Otelo, CIAS or Ofcom for any ADR related queries or if the Mobile Broadband provider refuses to provide details about ADR.

For queries related to ADR

  1. Otelo : 0330-440-1614
  2. CIAS : 020-7520-3827
  3. Ofcom : 0300-123-3333

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