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The term coverage is most familiar among the mobile phone and mobile broadband users. Almost all of us complaint or speak about coverage every day. Of course it’s a key factor that enables mobile or wireless communication.

For those who do not know what coverage is: it’s the distance covered by a wireless signal.

The mobile broadband signals are transmitted from the provider’s tower in a certain frequency. The mobile broadband dongle receives the signal and converts them in to data. The distance covered by a signal depends on the type of signal (2G, 2.5G, 3G and 4G) and the type of transmission (mobile tower, Wi-Fi, Mi-Fi, etc.). Whatsoever, the coverage is limited to certain distance after which a new transmitter or booster is required.

More about Mobile Broadband Coverage and Speed

Only based on the coverage, the signal strength of a mobile broadband modem will be higher or lower. Again only a better signal strength can attain higher broadband speed. Now it’s clear why the metros receive better speed than the rural part of the country.

“Receiving a better coverage does not mean that you have to receive a better signal necessarily,” a controversy of what’s mentioned earlier. Yes, there might be a good coverage in certain area but the signal strength might be poor. Because signals can be interrupted by thick walls, trees, other higher frequencies, etc.

Mobile Broadband coverage in UK

Since the mobile network in UK is available in more than 95% of the country, mobile broadband coverage will not be an issue. The mobile tower is mostly common for the mobile phones and mobile broadband users. But the technology of the signals might vary.

Mobile broadband mostly is offered using 3G (3rd Generation) service in UK. However few parts of the country use the 2G or the integrated services (nothing but 2G + 3G) to transmit the signal. This combination is to make the maximum use of the available resources. This is one of the reasons why we experience variation in the speed of the same network while we travel between different destinations.

Please find the 3G coverage map released by Ofcom

Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker

Users can now check the coverage of a certain area by using the coverage checker offered by different mobile broadband providers. It provides the details about the coverage or the signal strength of a certain area using the postal code or the name of the place. The coverage map is a prediction by the broadband providers. Due to few technical reasons, there are chances that a connection cannot be offered to a certain area even if the map shows availability. For confirmation, customers can contact the customer service of the concern provider.

1. 3 mobile broadband coverage checker
Customer service: 500 (3 mobile) / 0843-373-0500 (Other Phone)

2. O2 mobile broadband coverage checker
Customer service: 0800-977-7337

3. Orange mobile broadband coverage checker
Customer service: 150 (Orange mobile) / 07973-100-150 (Other Phone)

4. T mobile broadband coverage checker
Customer service: 150 (T mobile) / 0845-412-5000 (Other Phone)

5. Virgin mobile broadband coverage checker
Customer service: 150 (Virgin mobile) / 0845-840-7777 (Other Phone)

6. Vodafone mobile broadband coverage checker
Customer service: 191 (Vodafone mobile) / 08700-700-191 (Other Phone)

3 Mobile Broadband Coverage

3 Mobile has been one of the largest mobile network not just in UK but in many parts of the world. They maintain the largest 3G network in UK covering almost 95% of the country.
The speed offered by the 3 mobile broadband is a maximum of 7.2Mbps and are driven ahead to reach 14.4Mbps within the end of 2010. The average speed obtained across the country is 3.2Mbps.

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O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage

O2 Mobile is well known for its non voice communication. They maintain a 3G network in almost all the metros of UK. O2 mobile broadband coverage is available in 80% of the country with the southern part of the country holds a larger ratio.
The maximum speed offered by O2 mobile broadband is almost 3.6Mbps with an average number of users receiving 1.8Mbps.

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O2 mobile broadband coverage-UK

Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage

Orange mobile is one of the largest mobile network provider in UK with a customer base of more than 17 million in UK. They maintain the largest 2G and 3G integrated network and provide the coverage for almost 95% of the country.
Integration of the two types of networks is good in terms of coverage while the speed limits vary between them. Orange mobile broadband offers a maximum speed of 3.6Mbps and are in the race to increase it to 7.2Mbps in a short while.

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Orange mobile broadband coverage-UK

T Mobile Broadband Coverage

T mobile introduced its 3G network in 2003. But later the technology was integrated with the existing HSDPA networks. Now since the network is shared with 3 mobiles they also take the pride of being the largest HSDPA network provider in UK.
The speed offered by T mobile broadband is 7.2Mbps; however the average speed available across the country rates more than 3Mbps.

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T mobile broadband coverage-UK

Virgin Mobile Broadband Coverage

Virgin media offer a wide variety of services. They mostly concentrate on bundled packages in which broadband has been the major player.
The coverage of virgin mobile broadband is 85% in UK with a maximum speed of 7.2Mbps.

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Vodafone Mobile Broadband Coverage

Vodafone being the largest player in mobile communication in the world has offered better coverage across UK as well. But the northern part of the country does not seem to receive a proper converge.
The speed offered by Vodafone mobile broadband is 7.2Mbps. Some cities are in the trial of receiving a speed of 14.4Mbps, while many places have to still wait for the completion of the upgrade.

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