Mobile Broadband Data Calculator

Broadband and internet bills are calculated based on the total amount of data downloaded. Different programs and utilities on the internet have different capacity. Based on the size of the applications and other resources the total data is calculated.

Before calculating the data user should be aware on how it is measured scientifically. Data is calculated either in kilobytes or mega bytes where one kilobyte equals 1000 bytes. Depending upon the type of file the size also varies. For example: The data size of a document would be much lesser than a video or other game etc. Once the user is connected to the internet every data which is sent and received is calculated and is included in the monthly usage. Viewing a single page in the internet browser would consume few kilo bytes of data. So it keeps increasing while we open flash based websites, gaming sites, chat rooms, video sites like you tube etc.

A customer should be clear in the number of users in the house hold and the type of usage, etc before subscribing to a broadband plan. Because any extra usage per month would be calculated in higher rates or sometimes the speed of the connection would be reduced or in a few instances the connection might also be disconnected once the data allowance is used. Especially users who use the PAYG mobile broadband service should regularly monitor and should be aware of their average usage so as to top up their account.

But some users might feel uncomfortable or might not be clear o how to calculate the data usage before subscribing for a connection. These users can utilize the data calculator tools for calculating the data usage. These tools on similar to an online form where users should feel in the details of their likeness or expected hours of usage of different application. Based the submitted details the calculator expected data usage.

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