Mobile Broadband Error 720

Users might receive a mobile broadband error 720 which says “A connection to the remote computer could not be established. Change the network settings.” This error occurs if the TCP/IP protocol stack is corrupt.

TCP/IP is a suite of internet communication protocols which helps to connect to the internet in a windows based computer. Changes to the network components might corrupt the TCP/IP stack which results in connectivity issues. The computer will not be able to send any communication requests if the TCP/IP is corrupt. Users can try to reset the TCP/IP stack or install the Microsoft fix to resolve the issue. However, if the issue is still not resolved then users have to reinstall the operating system.

Download the Microsoft Fix

Users can download the Microsoft fix from KB299357 to download the fix and install it to the computer.

Reset TCP/IP

  1. Click on start>> Run
  2. Type CMD and hit enter to open the command prompt
  3. Type “netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
  4. Restart the computer

Before re-installing the operating system users might try to reinstall the modem drivers and connectivity software. Also contact provider for Mobile broadband complaints.

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