Mobile Broadband Error 777

Have you experienced this error while using a mobile broadband– “Error-777 Modem out of Order”, then here you have the solution. This issue might occur after an upgradation of any network related software or the operating system itself. If the modem was working fine earlier and does not work after any of these changes then probably you can try to uninstall the software, restart the computer and try connecting again.

This error occurs since there is no communication between the computer and the modem. It might be due to the hardware which is not connected or the software which is interrupting the connection.

If the above step does not work, try these steps:

  1. Check if the modem is connected firmly to the USB port.
  2. If it is connected using a USB cable then check if the USB cable is firmly connected and the modem is connected firmly to the cable.
  3. Try connecting the modem to different USB ports.
  4. Power cycle the modem- Disconnect the modem- shut down the computer- connect the modem- start the computer again.
  5. Check if there are too many devices like fax software which is trying to dial in the start up.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the modem connectivity software.
  7. Check if the modem drivers are updated for the operating system that you have installed in the computer, else install it from the manufacturers website.
  8. Enable the TCP/IP services and restart the computer.

If none of these steps work then the issue could be with the USB dongle itself. So users can contact the provider’s customer service for mobile broadband complaints.

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