Mobile broadband error 797

Windows users especially with Vista might face an issue which does not allow connection to the internet. They might most likely get an error 797- the modem could not be found or busy. This issue normally occurs if there is no communication happening from the modem’s end. Probably the device itself is not detected or used my some other service during the windows startup.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Check if the mobile broadband modem is detected.
  2. If it’s not detected check if it is detected in the device manager. If the device is still not detected nor have errors then it might a problem with the modem drivers.
  3. Reinstall the modem drivers either using the CD or from the providers website.
  4. Also make sure that the drivers are updated for the operating system that you use.
  5. There might few chances where the browser might be set to dial out automatically. Also fax programs installed in the computer might dial out during the windows start up that might make the modem busy.
  6. Finally you can also run a complete scan on the computer since viruses and spywares can dial out continuously making the modem busy.

If none of these steps resolved the issue then users might have to get in touch with the operators to register a mobile broadband complaint.

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