Mobile Broadband FAQs

What is a Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband is a type of broadband internet service that is accessible from the mobile networks. This service is accessible using a data card or a mobile broadband modem provided by the respective mobile operator. Users can surf the internet wirelessly at a speed equivalent to cable broadband.

What is 3G Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband works using the mobile technology. This technology uses various standards which are developed by many mobile network providers, organization and forums. A set of specifications like GSM edge, UMTS, CDMA2000 etc, were declared as 3G (3rd generation) standards. These standards were deployed in mobile broadband services which can allow a speed limit of 14.4Mbps.

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What is 4G Mobile Broadband?

4G is the 4th generation mobile technology standard that is yet to be implemented in the mobile broadband service. This standard transfers data more securely at a maximum of 100Mbps.

How Mobile Broadband Works?

Mobile Broadband works similar to the mobile phone using the mobile networks. A SIM card is inserted in to the mobile broadband modem to gain access to the nearest base station. Data can be transmitted at a minimum speed of 1Mbps and maximum of 14.4Mbps. However the speed and signal strength depends on the coverage of the mobile network.

How fast is Mobile Broadband?

The speed of the mobile broadband depends upon various factors like coverage, signal strength, network standard, type of device and number of users. In UK the mobile broadband service offers minimum speed of 1Mbps and maximum speed of 14.4Mbps.

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How secure is Mobile Broadband?

Mobile Broadband is more secure than other types of wireless internet connection, since it works using a local IP address. All the mobile broadband dongles of a certain ISP are hidden behind a firewall and communicates using a common IP address. This makes it difficult for the hackers to access the internet.

How much is Mobile Broadband?

The cost of the mobile broadband varies based on the type of plan. It is offered as a pay monthly, pay as you go and short term contracts. The minimum pay monthly contract is available in UK would be between £6.99 to 8.99 per month and the pay as you go service offers the USB modem at a price of £19.99.

What is the best Mobile Broadband?

The best mobile broadband service is based on the user requirements. Coverage, speed, data allowance, monthly cost, etc, contribute equally for the performance and satisfaction of a mobile broadband service. Users can compare mobile broadband plans and identify the best plan suitable for their location.

What is the fastest Mobile Broadband?

In UK 3-mobile, Orange, Vodafone and Virgin media offers the mobile broadband service at a speed of 7.2Mbps. However 3-mobile and Orange have announced the upgradation of their speeds to 14.4mbps which is the maximum speed that can be offered by a 3G broadband service.

Who has unlimited Mobile Broadband?

Unlimited Mobile Broadband is offered by almost all of the mobile operators in UK. But all the unlimited mobile broadband service is actually limited by using a fair usage policy.

Does Mobile Broadband work abroad?

Any mobile broadband service purchased in UK can be used abroad. Business users and frequent travelers can use their mobile broadband in almost all parts of Europe and rest of the world. The mobile operators in UK run their networks in many parts of Europe, while they have their service tied with the providers of countries where they do not have their networks.

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Does Mobile Broadband work with PC?

Yes Mobile Broadband dongles do work with the PC which has windows-XP, vista and windows-7 running in it.

Does Mobile Broadband work with MAC?

Yes Mobile Broadband dongles are compatible with MAC OS. Users can download the latest connection manager software from the respective mobile operators and install them to get connected.

What is Mi-Fi?

Mi-Fi is a device that allows sharing a mobile broadband connection by multiple users wirelessly. Mi-Fi receives mobile broadband signals from the nearest base station and transmits the connection using WLAN 802.11B&G. At present in UK Mi-Fi is offered only by 3-mobile.

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