Mobile Broadband for MAC

Apple or MAC is one of the widely used computers after Windows. However most of the hardware devices are compatible with windows than with MAC. Also few devices require a different set of driver software for helping the hardware components to interpret with the MAC PC. MAC OS X 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6 are some of the latest apple operating system versions. These OS versions are compatible with the mobile broadband devices offered in UK.


Most of the Mobile Broadband modems are compatible with the both Windows and MAC computers. The installation of the USB modem happens automatically in a Windows based computer while the MAC computers require a manual installation.

The USB dongle can be connected to any one of the USB ports of the MAC book. Once it is connected it should automatically popup with an installation screen to proceed. However there are times when users might not see any pop up. In those cases users can use the installation CD which came along with the dongle. Users can access the CD to install the driver and connecting software. During the installation the dongle should not be plugged in to the computer. The software can be installed in the desired location of the MAC book. Once the installation is completed, users can open the connection manager software and manually configure it. All the installation kit would contain a username, password and a telephone number. These user credentials are provided along with the modem kit or can be obtained by contacting the customer care.

Existing users who are already using the mobile broadband dongle in a windows computer and would like to upgrade to MAC can download the updated driver from the support site of the provider.