Mobile Broadband Laptop Deals

Mobile Broadband modems are one of the perfect gadgets for a laptop or notebook user. Even though these dongles are widely chosen by most of the users, desktop users do not enjoy its full convenience since those machines are stable in a certain location. While laptop users can move around anywhere in UK and still connect to a broadband connection.

Free laptop

Almost every internet provider of UK has got a laptop deal along with their mobile broadband dongle. Users are offered laptops from computer manufacturing giants like Dell, HP, Samsung, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, etc. Based on the type of contract, the models and specification of the laptops vary. It’s completely the user’s choice to either go for one of the latest configuration or to choose a minimum configuration and keep it just for browsing.


These laptops and mobile broadband is a perfect match for a happy browsing. There are no initial payments; the customer can sign up for a contract and take away the laptop for free. The cost of the laptop is spread in to the number of months of the contract. The cost of the internet data usage (limited or unlimited) per month is also added to the monthly bill, which is stable for a course of 18 or 24 months.

3 Mobile Broadband Laptop

3 Mobile offers laptops from Compaq, Hp, Samsung and Toshiba along with its mobile Broadband dongle. These notebooks range between 10 inches to 15 inches and runs windows operating systems. Users can now book these laptops online either as an 18 month or 24 month contract and get the products delivered for free within 2 to 3 business days.

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O2 Mobile Broadband Laptop

O2 Mobile broadband with a 24 months contract can be taken with a free Samsung or Asus laptop. These 10 inch and 15 inch laptops are loaded with the latest windows operating system. There are also many other software loaded in the computer for free. Customers are also provided with laptop insurance at a nominal rate.

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Orange Mobile Broadband Laptop

Orange mobile broadband offers 24 months laptop contracts. Users can sign up for the contract and get a 10 inch Asus laptop or a 15 inch Compaq laptop for free. These laptops are provided with a two year hardware warranty.

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T Mobile Broadband Laptop

Laptops offered by T mobile are from Compaq and Samsung. The laptops are a bundled package with mobile broadband dongles for a 24 months contract. These laptops have a high definition 15 inch and 10 inch display and also are offered with unlimited browsing every month.

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Vodafone Mobile Broadband Laptop

Vodafone offers a 24 month mobile broadband contract which offers Dell and Samsung Mini notebooks. These laptops are loaded with the latest configuration and are a perfect communication gadget. These laptops are wireless enabled and have a two year collect and return warranty.

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