Mobile Broadband High Usage

Almost all the mobile broadband plans are sealed to a certain value beyond which the download of data is not allowed or charged extra. This is done to restrict the user from heavy usage of the internet. In a mobile broadband data is transferred using a mobile base station. A single base station will be capable of transferring voice signals from mobile phones and data signals from both mobile phones and USB dongles. In order to avoid overloading of a base station all the plans are sealed at a maximum download allowance. Also unlimited usage by a single user might slow down the usage of other users. The speed cut down or the temporary disconnection of the service is based on the fair usage policy.

However the download allowance and the speed of a mobile broadband are good enough for a typical user. But it’s important that the users should be calculative and know the average usage required for the house hold. An average 2 to 3GB of download allowance per month would be more than enough for any user who uses internet for sending emails and basic browsing and stuff. High usage of the data is required if the user frequently downloads stuff like music, videos, software and online gaming. These applications include a lot of elements contributing to the total size of the download. An approximate calculation of the expected usage with the help of a data calculator can provide a net value based on which the user can subscribe for a new connection.

High Usage plans in UK

  1. 3 Mobile Broadband offers a maximum data allowance of 5GB per month at £15 in the Pay monthly plan and 12GB per month at a onetime payment of £79.99 in the Pay as you Go plan.
  2. Vodafone mobile broadband offers a 5GB pay monthly data plan at £15 per month and 3GB pay as you at a onetime fee of £25.
  3. Orange mobile broadband pay monthly plan offers a 10GB data allowance at £25 per month.
  4. O2 mobile Broadband, Virgin Mobile Broadband and T-mobile Broadband offer a maximum of 3GB data allowance in their pay monthly plan.

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