Mobile Broadband Resources

Mobile Broadband is a new technology which is expected to provide next generation broadband connectivity. This technology is at its development phase in UK. The Government and mobile broadband providers are in the process of expanding the usage of this technology to compete with the rest of the world. As an effort to help users and customers to explore of this technology we provide you with the wide variety of support options available in UK and rest of the world.

Providers in UK

3-mobile-broadband3 Mobile Broadband network is operated in many countries across the globe by Hutchison Whampoa. They maintain the largest 3G network in UK and provide mobile broadband service at a maximum speed of 7.2Mbps. At present 3-mobile’s 3G network covers more than 90% of the country, however they aim to attain more than 98% coverage by increasing their base stations from 9000 to 13000 in UK.

O2-mobile-broadbandO2 Mobile Broadband company that is maintained by Telefonica. It provides mobile broadband mostly in the southern part of UK. It covers almost 84% of the total population of UK with its 3G service which is fully enabled with HSDPA standards and offers a maximum download speed of 3.6Mbps. O2 mobile networks are in the process of upgrading the speeds to 7.2Mbps and higher.

Orange-mobile-broadbandOrange Mobile Broadband is the fifth largest telecommunication operator in the world with a mobile customer base of 123 million which is maintained by France Telecom. They provide largest 2G and 3G integrated coverage for their mobile broadband network in UK. Orange currently is in the race of upgrading its base stations to faster speeds to meet the future mobile broadband applications.

Vodafone-mobile-broadbandVodafone Mobile Broadband is one of the world’s largest mobile network based in UK in terms of revenue. It offers mobile broadband service at a speed of 7.2Mbps and is currently planning to upgrade the speeds to 14.4Mbps in UK. They aim to be the leader in world’s mobile communication and help people connected to the mobile world.

T-mobile-broadbandT-Mobile Broadband is a mobile operator based in Germany and owned by Deutsche Telecom. It provides mobile broadband in UK with its 2G and 3G service at a speed of 7.2Mbps. T-mobile launched its mobile broadband modem in the year 2007 and won the mobile broadband award in 2009 for its best mobile broadband product and service.

virgin-mobile-broadbandVirgin Mobile Broadband is a maintained by Virgin media in many countries to offer mobile services. It offers mobile broadband coverage to almost 85% of the population of UK with a speed of 7.2Mbps. They are more focused in providing bundled, all in one package to the customers.

Help and Support

All the mobile broadband providers in UK provide an online help and support for various issues related to technical and billing. This would be first point of contact for almost all levels of customers. Most of the issues related in set up and installation of a USB modem, Pay as you Go top-up, coverage and Speed information of a specific area and activation of roaming can be resolved by accessing the online support center of the respective mobile broadband provider. Also new users can access the support center to know information about specification of different modems and coverage information.


3 Mobile online help provides you with the coverage, speed and data allowance of 3 mobile broadband in UK. It also provides the setup and troubleshooting about its mobile broadband modem.

O2 Mobile online help provides information about the setup, coverage, speed, and tariff information about o2 mobile broadband in UK. Users can access the configuration information of the connection manager software and download the user guides and manuals of different mobile broadband modems offered by O2.

Orange online help (View the FAQ’s in the bottom of the page) provides the information about its mobile broadband modems in the form of a questionnaire.

Vodafone online help provides information about mobile broadband USB modem, built in laptop modems, PC protection and PC back up.

T Mobile online help provides information about the different mobile broadband modems offered by T-mobile. Additional information about coverage and speed is also available.

Virgin Media online help provides answers to all the questions related to its mobile broadband service.

Support for Business Users

Mobile Broadband in UK is also offered for business customers by many mobile operators. Also they provide exclusive support in billing and technical queries of business customers.

  1. 3 mobile business mobile broadband
  2. O2 business mobile broadband
  3. Orange business mobile broadband
  4. Vodafone business mobile broadband

Account Manager

Every Mobile Broadband provider offers an online account manager to help users to keep track of their account information. This information includes the purchase and spending done online, topping-up facility, bill payments, tracking usage, creating alerts and safety and security information. After the purchase of a mobile broadband dongle the users will have to register online. The registration requires the mobile broadband device number which will be sent along with the USB modem kit. After registration the user can log in to the online account manager from anywhere, anytime and access this information. Click Below to login to the online account managers of different mobile broadband providers in UK.

  1. My3 Account allows access to all information related to their 3-mobile USB modem.
  2. O2 Account can be used to access the bills and related information about their O2 USB modem.
  3. Orange Account can be used by Orange mobile broadband users to access the services offered for their Orange USB modem.
  4. Vodafone My Account can be used by Vodafone Mobile Broadband users to track usage, payments and cost of services for their USB modem.
  5. My T-mobile Account can be used to access the T-mobile broadband online support and services.
  6. Virgin Mobile Account, online can be used login and know more about the Virgin media services.

Mobile Broadband Insurance

Almost all products in today’s market have warranty and insurance. Why not mobile broadband? Some of the mobile broadband providers in UK offer insurance for the mobile broadband modems and laptops offered to their customers.

  1. 3-mobile broadband Insurance provides cover for the USB modem purchased from 3-mobile.
  2. O2-mobile broadband Insurance offers insurance for the latops bought along with the USB modem.
  3. T-mobile broadband Insurance provides insurance both for the USB modem and the laptop purchased from T-mobile.
  4. Virgin-mobile broadband Insurance offers insurance only for the mobile broadband modem.


Wikipedia provides information about the basics of Mobile Broadband, the different stages of development, usage across the globe and the future of this technology. This would be good for new users or some who knows nothing about mobile broadband.

Mobile Broadband Guide helps you to identify and evaluate the best mobile broadband provider in UK. It also explains about the coverage, speed, deals and different techniques adapted for mobile broadband. Existing users and beginners can use this guide to clarify the doubts and queries related to various technologies and the process involved in accessing the internet using a mobile network.

Mobile Broadband Jargon Buster is a complete glossary of the technical jargons of the mobile broadband technology. Almost all the mobile broadband acronyms are expanded and the technical terms are explained briefly. All new jargons are updated once in a while.

UK Broadband ISP Reviews is an independent UK Internet Access Provider information, news, comparisons and consumer top 10 cheap broadband and best ISP website.


BBC Broadband World is one of the largest online medias that provides news about the broadband sector. is one of the oldest and highly respected websites in UK to provide technology related updates and news. is online news website in UK to know the news and updates about internet, mobile broadband and related technologies.

Mobile Broadband News provides the latest news about the mobile broadband sector in UK and also provides updates about the upcoming mobile broadband technologies in the world.


Mobile Broadband forums are online discussion boards where users and analyst of various stages of expertise discuss the queries related to mobile broadband. These forums will be helpful in knowing many unknown facts and issues about the technology. It can be of great help for issues related to compatibility and specific issues of certain model USB modems. Resolutions provided through forums can be used if the issue is not resolved by any other means.

  1. O2 Official forum discusses about the products and issues related to O2 mobile broadband.
  2. Vodafone Official forum allows discussion about the issues related to Vodafone mobile broadband.
  3. Huawei Official forum is a message board where users and experts discuss about the issues and solutions related to mobile broadband modems manufactured by Huawei.
  4. 3G Forum is an exclusive discussion board that allows interaction about 3G mobile broadband providers in UK.
  5. 4Gforum allows users and technology experts to discuss about the upcoming 4G broadband technology.
  6. Wi-Max Forum is a message board about the next generation mobile wireless technology called Wi-Max.
  7. UMTS-Forum provides a detailed analysis about UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) which is a technology deployed as 3G and 4G standards.
  8. Ubuntu-Forum helps users accessing mobile broadband using Ubuntu operating system.
  9. Linux-Forum speaks about many issues related to the configuration of mobile broadband in a Linux operating system.
  10. Windows-7 Forum can be used for discussing the queries and troubles related to setup and usage of mobile broadband.
  11. Windows-Vista-Forum can be used to get suggestions and listen to discussion related to mobile broadband usage in windows Vista.
  12. Mac OS X v10.6 and Mac OS X v10.5 are Apple discussion forums that can be used as a suggestion board by mobile broadband users with Mac OS.


  1. The Official blog of 3-mobile provides information about the latest releases, changes and upcoming 3-mobile broadband expansions.
  2. The Official blog of O2-mobile provides current and updated information of the O2 mobile broadband network.
  3. The Official blog of Orange provides information about broadband and orange mobile broadband technology adapted by Orange in UK and rest of the world.
  4. The blog about future of mobile broadband is maintained by Matt Hatton who is a principal mobile broadband analyst from Analysys Mason.

Twitter Updates


Some of the Mobile Broadband providers in UK and other related organizations are providing the most innovative and fast customer service using the world’s famous social networking service ‘Twitter’.

  1. Digital Britain also provides twitter updates related to mobile broadband tariffs and other regulations related to the industry.
  2. Vodafone provides twitter updates related for its mobile broadband users and can also be used as a instant support center.
  3. T Mobile twitter updates can be used by T-mobile broadband users to get their queries clarified instantly.
  4. Virgin Media provides twitter updates to provide assistance to its mobile broadband customers instantly.

Regulators and Organizations

United Kingdom

  1. Ofcom is a regulator for all communication media in UK like TV, radio, internet, etc. It aims to provide the best communication service for the users and protects them from Scam and other sharp practices.
  2. ISPA is a trade association for the internet service providers in UK. Adapting its Logo by ISP’s assures customers for commitment to good business practice.
  3. BSG (Broadband Stake holder Group) is leading government advisory group for broadband in UK. They aim to provide an efficient investment in next generation broadband.
  4. Mobile Broadband Group is a group of mobile network operators in UK which closely works with consumers, Government and Regulators to provide a common regulatory environment for many mobile broadband related issues in UK.
  5. Digital Britain is considered to be the outline of the strategic vision of the Government of UK to ensure that the country is at the leading edge of the digital economy.


  1. ITU is a leading agency of the UN (United Nations), which monitors the Global Information and Communication Technology Issues. It aims to improve the communication networks and services of the government as well as private sectors.
  2. GSMA is an organization that represents the interest of world wide mobile communication industry. They provide updates about the mobile broadband services that are powered using the GSM standards and help to develop the mobile broadband infrastructure.
  3. CDG (CDMA development group) is an international consortium of companies formed in 1993 to lead the evolution of mobile and wireless technologies. They jointly define the requirements of 3G and 4G mobile networks.
  4. 3GPP is an organization that was formed to create technical specifications and reports related to 3G mobile communications.
  5. 3GPP2 is an organization is the second partnership project which was formed to develop the specification of the 3G standards.
  6. Mobile Challengers is a leading organization in Europe which is formed by the late entrants to the mobile phone and mobile broadband business. They aim to provide innovative services at competitive prices for the benefit of consumers and business.
  7. NGMN is an open alliance formed by the leading mobile operators in the world to provide broaden the vision the next generation mobile technology and provide better mobile broadband services.
  8. ISPAs is a UK internet industry award that is given to people and organizations who outstand the industry.

List of Mobile Broadband Software and Utilities

Coverage Checker

Mobile Broadband modems provides internet access by connecting to the nearest base station of the respective operator. All the providers in UK offer a coverage checker which can be used by the users to know the availability and coverage of a mobile network before choosing a mobile broadband plan.
More information: Mobile Broadband Coverage in UK

  1. 3 Mobile Broadband Coverage checker
  2. O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker
  3. Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker
  4. Vodafone Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker
  5. T Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker
  6. Virgin Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker

Download Monitor

Mobile Broadband Users, especially the ones who signed up for a monthly contract would be worried about their monthly bills. The bill shoots up when the user does not watch the data usage per month. The users can track down the usage by logging in to the account manager. However, exclusive Mobile broadband download monitor software is available for download from online.

  1. Cnet offers Broadband Download Monitor 1.3 which allows to track total data usage.
  2. BBUM offers a download monitor which can be used in windows, MAC and Linux computers.

Speed Accelerator

All of us care about the speed of our mobile broadband connection. The average mobile broadband speed offered in UK is 2Mbps which might not be sufficient for few applications like video streaming, etc. Speed accelerator software helps to provide faster access for resources online. However, it cannot increase the speed of the connection than what is actually offered. Download Speed accelerator

Bandwidth Calculator

It’s not possible for all of us to calculate the bandwidth that will be consumed while using different applications online. Especially new customers would need this information while choosing the data usage offered by different mobile broadband plans. Bandwidth calculator or Data calculator helps customers to predict their average data usage per month.

  1. Vodafone data calculator can be used to predict the data usage based on the time spent online
  2. Virgin Media data calculator predicts the data usage based on the type of application that we use or type of website that we visit online.

Speed Tester

Users can check the actual download and upload speed of his mobile broadband connection by using broadband speed testers. This can help customers to calculate down time and the difference between the offered speed and actual speed while browsing online.
More information: Mobile Broadband Speed in UK

  1. Broadband Speed Checker can be used to identify the download and upload speed of the mobile broadband.
  2. can be used to know the download and upload speed, name of the mobile operator, time taken for the download of different applications, and much more.

PC Security Software

AVG is one of the widely used security softwares. Users can download free trials of Anti-Virus, Internet Security and Link Scanner and protect their computer from online threats.

Microsoft Security Essentials is a real time security software which protects the computer from viruses, spywares and other malicious software. It is offered by Microsoft absolutely free of cost.

Avast is a anti-virus software that protects the computer, especially browsing online, checking emails and is offered for free.

Avira is a free to download protection software that take cares of unwanted programs from entering the computer.

Bit Defender is one of the most effective on demand scanner to inspect virus and spyware in the computer. It is provided completely free of cost.

Online Protection for Children

Mobile Broadband has become more popular especially among the student and children community. It is not fair to avoid children from the use of internet in this communication era, however it’s important to teach them safety ways of using the internet. Here are few links that can help users to learn about safe web browsing.

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) center is a dedicated team which focuses in eradicating sexual abuse and other threats for children from online sources.

O2 Protect your Children is program run by O2 mobile broadband which offers tips and tools to protect children users online.

Get Safe Online is a joint effort of the HM Government, SOCA and other private partners to provide information about the online threats and tips to overcome these threats.

Microsoft Family Safety provides tips to protect your family and children to have a safe online experience.

Kids Smart provides exclusive information and tips about online safety for children in a very user friendly and attractive way.

More information: Internet safety for Kids