Mobile Broadband SIM only Contract

All types of mobile broadband modem gain access to the respective mobile network using a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card. These SIM cards are usually provided along with the purchase of a mobile broadband kit. But sometimes, users might have the risk of damaging, breaking or losing the SIM card. Also sometimes, the customer might wish to change the plan or subscribe for new offers. But in these cases the USB modem or the dongle would be working fine, so the customers would just require a SIM card.

These SIM only contracts offer a free SIM card that can be inserted in to the modem of the respective provider to access the internet. These SIM card deals are bounded only to short term agreements which allow the users to either continue or cancel the service after the contract.

Advantages of SIM only Mobile Broadband

  1. SIM only contracts are more flexible as they are offered for a very short term. Also they can be cancelled anytime the users wish to do so.
  2. It’s simply a no contract deal with a 5GB of data allowance for the first month. Since the users are not tied for 12 months or more, it’s an easy deal that can be used for 1 month.
  3. Users do not need to spend much on the purchasing a new dongle. They just pay for the SIM and the data usage which is comparatively lower than Pay Monthly and Pay as you Go plans.
  4. Unlike the pay as you Go plans, these SIM cards do not run out of credit, they are always loaded with a 5GB every month.
  5. Out of bundle charges and Roaming charges are also the same as any other contracts.
  6. Cancellation of the service does not have any penalties, it just requires a 30 day’s notice period.

3 Mobile Broadband SIM only Contract

In UK, 3 Mobile is the only provider who offers a SIM only contract to its users. Moreover it is a one month contract SIM card with a 5GB of data allowance and works only with a 3 Mobile USB modem. Users who already own a 3 mobile broadband dongle can purchase the SIM card online at £15. Any usage beyond 5GB will be charged at £0.10 per MB. This SIM card can also be used to send text messages within UK at £0.10 per message. They also provide free Skype calling to anywhere in the world.


After the first month, it’s up to the user to either continue or cancel the service. However, cancellation of the service will occur only after 30 days from the date of intimation. A 14 day return policy also applies to the SIM only contract, which is calculated from the date of delivery.

Who needs a SIM only Mobile Broadband?

  1. Customers who feel inconvenient in signing up for long term contracts or do not wish to spend much for a monthly mobile broadband contract can choose the SIM only deal.
  2. It would be a best choice for rare internet users and students who need a broadband connection occasionally.
  3. Frequent travelers who would require internet to communicate only during certain time in a year can choose these plans.
  4. Users, who own a pay as you go mobile broadband modem and would like to try using a contract plan, can try using the SIM only contract.

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