Mobile Broadband Usage

Data allowance is the much needed aspect of a user from any internet service provider. But the providers focus to provide average usage for all subscribers rather being used only by heavy downloader’s. So every internet plan is set with a maximum threshold, above which the providers decide to restrict, charge more or decrease the speed of the connection. However, users might not be satisfied with a service which does not provide them the required data allowance. This is one of the major issues with the Mobile Broadband service in UK.

Know your Data Usage

Users can be able to predict the approximate data usage per month before the purchase of a mobile broadband service. This is a simple calculation of time taken with usage of applications. Then include other factors like no of users and user type. Internet can be used specifically for a project and studies, communication and entertainment or used for all the three.

Data allowance is mentioned by the providers either in Mbps (Mega Bytes per second) or Gbps (Giga Bytes per second) with the former being the lowest and one step down is Kbps (Kilo Bytes per second). Further break ups are not required to calculate internet data usage.

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Data Calculator

Almost all the mobile broadband providers offer a calculator which can be used to predict the approximate data allowance required.

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Data Allowance offered in UK

Mobile Broadband providers in UK offer a wide variety of data allowance to choose from. Please find the maximum data allowance provided by all the providers in UK.

Pay Monthly

3-mobile broadband offers a USB dongle with a data allowance of 15GB per month. This plan is available both as 18 and 24 month contract at £25 and £30 per month. 3-mobile Mi-Fi offers a maximum data allowance of 5GB at £15, £17 and £23 for a period of 18 and 24 months.

Orange mobile broadband offers a USB dongle with a data allowance of 10GB per month. This plan costs £28 per month for new customers and £25 for existing customers.

Vodafone mobile broadband dongle is offered as an Ultimate plan with 5GB data allowance as the maximum. This plan is offered at £10 for the first three months and the rest of the 24 months contract is charged £25 per month.

O2 mobile broadband offers a maximum data allowance of 10GB at £30 for a period of 24 months.

T-mobile broadband pay monthly plan offer a maximum data allowance of 5GB per month. It is a 24 month contract offered at £30 per month.

Virgin Media offers 3GB data allowance as the maximum at £15 per month for 18 month contract.

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Pay as you Go

The maximum data allowance provided by the pay as you go add on pack of 3-mobile is 7GB at £25.

Orange mobile broadband does not offer any pay as you go plan instead they offer a short term contract for 30 days. The maximum top up for this plan is 10GB at £25 per month.

Vodafone pay as you plan offers Vodafone pay as you plan offers 3GB of data usage for one month at £15.

O2 mobile broadband offers a maximum top up of 3GB at £15 per month.

T-mobile holds the last position in the maximum data allowance offered by a provider in mobile broadband. It is just 2GB per month at £15.

Again, Virgin media does not offer any pay as you go mobile broadband. However the maximum data allowance of the short term contract is 3GB at £15 per month.

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Fair Usage Policy

It means that the internet service providers are forced to implement a bar on the service for excess usage. This can help other users from getting affected from issues like slow speeds etc. All the mobile broadband operators have their own fair usage policy.

  1. 3-mobile broadband charges its customers 10p per MB, for any excess usage.
  2. Orange has mentioned that it has the rights to suspend the internet connection for any excessive data consumption.
  3. T-mobile restricts its user for any excess usage beyond the plan limit.
  4. Virgin Media reduces the speed of 5% of the downloader’s who tops the list.

Monitor Data Usage

Users can monitor their data usage on a regular basis by logging in to the account services of the respective service provider. New users have to register to the service. Also bill payment and top up can be done online using this service. Above all the data usages for these services are not included in the site.

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