Mobile WIMAX

Better quality radio technology and an open IP dependant network communication set up have together made mobile WIMAX the chosen technology of many a broadband application. Mobile WIMAX facilitates a novel Internet based business approach of offering a completely different means of access to the Internet other than the conventional telecom version. This technology was born from the necessity for an open Internet business version broadband and data centric applications trying to promote modernization for the mobile devices and for the applications concerning these devices.

Indications are that the Mobile WIMAX seems to have a promising market that is increasing steadily. As per the studies conducted by Infonetics Research, by this year end about 76 million subscribers across the globe would have fixed and mobile WIMAX connectivity. Another report from Dell’ Oro Group shows that the income from mobile WIMAX across the world in the third quarter of 2008 was almost four times what it was in the third quarter of the previous year and predicts revenues breaking all records in the fourth quarter.

WIMAX seems to get into areas that have yet to receive broadband coverage. This technology seems to be providing facilities to bridge the gap between the areas that have and do not have Internet and where offering broadband or even voice mail facilities are not feasible for the broadband providers. WIMAX will provide a substitute for DSL by permitting services to eventually facilitate fixed mobile convergence or FMC of networks

However, for home broadband Mobile WIMAX will offer the connectivity to more thickly peopled areas like metro centres and outskirts, giving them the chance to instigate taking broadband connectivity by providing a DSL-on-the-go scheme. This can be done as Mobile WIMAX is in a position to facilitate always-on broadband connections all replete with mobile, handover and roaming services. This will ascertain that that those who have subscribed to WIMAX will always have access to the Internet. This way, even the providers have options of offering users various customized packages, especially for those people who wish to enhance their professions, life styles etc.

A New Form of Revenue Through Mobile WIMAX
Mobile WIMAX gives providers the chance to better their income doing increased and improved business by offering their subscribers with a far better user experience. For those providers who currently face stiff rivalry for the most essential voice services, this technology offers them the options to recover as well as enhance their income. With Mobile WIMAX, providers can offer both the voice and mobile services making use of a single wireless network.

The more inventive operators can utilize, can bypass the present network and with a low primary investment can offer services at cost effective and competitive rates. If they have Mobile WIMAX they will be able to provide the technology to the more thickly populated metropolitan areas or even to those suburban areas where there is no proper coverage by the present provider. They can also arrange to have Wi-Fi hotspot services.

Even people offering cable broadband services are thinking of providing Mobile services to get a hold of the market in both broadband as well as voice services. This will enable all networks to come together into one through the wireless technology with the freedom of being mobile to boot. When combined together, providers have the ability to provide better in-house coverage and the options for the user to change from their mobile devices to their fixed systems. In case cable operators are unable to provide connectivity due to lack of network facilities the Mobile WIMAX permits them to offer the technology with excellent bandwidth that is necessary for instant video applications.

Lastly, operators invest in the 4G technologies an added facility to their existing CDMA and GSM networks. Therefore they have two types of networking; the voice calls and the broadband that will be functioning together at the same time. Mobile WIMAX helps the mobile operators to lessen the traffic on the networks, and they are able to increase their capacity. By taking advantage of their base stations, their know-how of the radio frequency, the equipment and infrastructure that is already in place and their existing staff, these mobile operators can very conveniently and simply set up Mobile WIMAX system. In fact the Mobile WIMAX business gives the mobile operators the freedom to utilize any of the WIMAX products and thereby benefit from the reduced prices through economic sharing.

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