No Contract Mobile Broadband

To facilitate the needs of the customers and to reach the requirements of different level of internet users, the mobile broadband providers have launched a variety of plans and deals. Pay Monthly contracts and PAY as you Go (PAYG) plans are the most familiar among the users.

There are many users who aren’t aware of the long term contracts or may not be eligible for such plans. Also some users might not be comfortable in paying regular monthly bills. Pay as you Go services have much interest among the students and rare internet users. However there are many other users who require a regular service but wish to stay away from contracts. Users who wish not signing up for a contract can choose the no contract plans offered by almost all the mobile broadband providers.


What is a No Contract Mobile Broadband?

There might be a few who confuses No contract deals with a PAY as you Go service. A PAYG service, works based on the top-up data allowance that is added to the account. But the no contract deal is a one time purchase of the USB modem and data allowance for a period between 1 to 12 months. It’s the choice of the customer to choose the plan and either to continue or cancel the service after the deal is over.

Customers who would like to test the service of a mobile operator in their area or would need a connection for time being then a no contract deal would be the best option. It is available with all the mobile broadband providers in UK.

No Contract Deals in UK

3 mobile, O2, Vodafone and Orange offer a no contract deal for One month or 30 day offer.

3 Mobile offers a mobile broadband SIM card with a data allowance of 5GB at £15 for one month. It can be used only in a 3 mobile modem. Users who require a USB modem can purchase it at an extra cost of £9.99. Any usage beyond 5GB would cost £0.10 per MB. It’s the convenience of the customer to either continuing to use the service or to cancel it. However the service can be cancelled only after providing 30 day notice period.

Vodafone offers a starter package for £15 which includes a USB modem and data allowance of 3GB for the first month. This modem provides a maximum download speed of 7.2Mbps and upload speed of 384Kbps. Roaming charges would be £5 per MB.

O2 mobile offers one month contract at £15 and £30 per month and which includes an additional £30 for the USB modem. They provide a data allowance of either 3GB or 10GB with unlimited O2 Wi-Fi access across UK. Roaming charges would be £3 per MB in Europe and £6 per MB in other countries.

Orange mobile offers a 30 day mobile broadband plan which provides an E1752 dongle at £29 and data allowance of either 3GB at £15 or 10GB at £25. Usage beyond the limit would cost 5p per MB, while roaming charges would be £3 per MB for use in Europe and £6.46 per MB in other countries.

Virgin Mobile Broadband is offered as a flexible 2 months contract. Users can purchase the USB modem at £24.99 with a data allowance of 1GB at £10 per month and 3GB at £15 per month. It is the wish of the customer to either continue or end the contract after 2 months.

T-mobile broadband offers two no contract mobile broadband deals. The mobile broadband USB modem can be purchased at £44.99. Users can access the internet for the first 3 months after which they have to top up the account. T mobile broadband also offers a USB modem at £149.99 which allows the users to access the internet for the first 12 months. However T-mobile fair usage policy allows only 2GB of data to be downloaded per month. These modems can access the internet at a speed of 3.6Mbps and are provided with 4 additional USB covers. Also they are capable of accessing micro SD memory cards.

Advantages of No Contract Deals

  1. No contract deals, do not bind the user under any agreement to continue the service.
  2. Casual residents or users who stay in an area for just a few months can get the best use of the service.
  3. There is no need for a top-up to be added any time, so customers might not keep checking the data usage.
  4. There is no fear of monthly bills since there isn’t any contract between the user and the provider.