O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage-UK

O2 a part of the Telefonica group is one of the leading mobile phone and broadband providers in UK. They lead the non voice communications industry with technologies like messaging, gaming, music, video, and data services like GPRS, HSDPA, 3G and WLAN. They offer a wide variety of services like mobile phones, fixed land line and mobile broadband services for almost 18.4 million customers across UK.

O2 mobile broadband service is offered using GPRS, 3G and HSDPA. The services offer a speed range of 384Kbps to 3.6Mbps. The average speed of the service would be 1.8Mbps.

O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage map

Published by Ofcom and predicted by O2.

The map on the left side in the above image was published by Ofcom. It indicates the 3G coverage achieved by O2 mobile broadband in UK. The one on the left is a prediction that is available in the O2 website. It indicates the availability of the mobile network in different parts of UK. But we have to understand the fact that the frequency available in a particular area alone is not responsible for a better signal strength and speed of the broadband.

Upon analysis O2 mobile broadband using the 3G network is available in the major cities of UK. The northern part of the country, Places likes Wales and Scotland seem not to have coverage or might have weak signal strength.

O2 Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker

It’s advisable for Customers who are not from the major cities might have to use the O2 mobile Broadband Coverage Checker to identify if they receive a proper signal in their area. Customers might rethink in choosing the service if they receive a weak signal and have to check out for alternatives if they receive any coverage. O2 also provides a 30 day happiness guarantee period for the customers to test the service.