O2 mobile Broadband for iPad

O2 mobile offers a free micro SIM card to access 3G mobile broadband network from the all new Apple iPad. iPad users can now sign up for a month’s contract with O2 and enjoy the speedy internet service with their iPad and also have access to the Wi-Fi network of O2 across UK.

O2 Mobile iPad deals

iPad users are offered with up to 3GB data plans from O2. Users who wish to access the O2 mobile broadband network from 3G can signup for a one month contract and get a micro SIM card for free. Top up for this account can be done is available for 500MB, 1GB and 3GB. The 500MB plan is available at £2 per day, 1GB at £10 per month and 3GB at £30 per month. All the plans include a free Wi-Fi access for 24 hours from the O2 Wi-Fi hotspots available across UK. The maximum data usage for all the data plans would be 5GB. The O2 data service can be maintained and managed from the iPad itself. Activation of the service can also be done from the iPad instead of contacting the customer care.

How to Setup an O2 micro SIM card?

  1. Register to get a free O2 micro SIM card.
  2. Eject the SIM card tray with the help of the eject tool available in the iPad kit.
  3. Insert the O2 SIM card in the SIM tray and push it gently
  4. Activate the O2 micro SIM card from the iPad itself.
  5. Restart the iPad and install the iTunes updates from the iTune Manager.

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