O2 Mobile Broadband Top ups

O2 mobile offers a Pay as you go mobile broadband dongle at £20. Users can purchase the dongle and top up based on their data usage. All the USB dongles provide free access to Wi-Fi hotspots. O2 offers Top up of 500MB at £2 per day, 1GB at £7.50 per week and 3GB at £15 per month.

Pay as you Go customers will not be able to access the internet once the available data is used. The users can monitor their data usage from the My O2 service. However, they will not be able to connect to the My O2 service if they have used the all the available data. Windows users will be automatically re-directed to their My O2 service after installing the connection manager software, where users can register their numbers and top up their accounts. But MAC users have to manually register to the service after installing the USB dongle.

O2 mobile broadband PAYG customers will not be charged extra for any excess usage instead they will be redirected to buy a new top up for further access to the internet. This might happen either if the data available is completely used or when the validity of the top up ends. There are no top ups or boosters available for the Pay as you go customers to use the mobile broadband service abroad. This facility is available only for the pay monthly users. Users who wish to use their dongles for while roaming abroad might have to upgrade their service to O2 Pay monthly.

Customers of O2 mobile broadband are offered with a 30 day happiness guarantee which means that the customer can cancel the service if they are unhappy with the service.