Orange Mobile Broadband Abroad

Orange mobile broadband is a service provided by Orange telecommunications. It is a brand name of the mobile and broadband network of France Telecom. They are the fifth largest telecom operator in the world with a customer base of 189 million. Also internet service is provided by Orange in almost 11 countries of Europe.

Orange has integrated the 2G and 3G network and provides coverage of more than 95% for the mobile broadband customers in UK. Business users and travelers across Europe and other parts of the world have to activate the Orange mobile broadband abroad service by calling the number 150 from an Orange mobile. Also they can call 07973 100150 from any other phone.

Orange Mobile Broadband Roaming Charges

Orange mobile broadband can be used in other countries outside UK at an additional roaming charge. The mobile broadband roaming charge within Europe will be £2.94 per MB and charges for usage in the rest of the world will be £6.46 per MB. However, customers who are looking for cheaper plans may sign up for the Orange roaming bundles.