Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage-UK

Orange is one of the most popular telecom operators in UK which was founded in 1994 by Hutchison Telecom. At present it under the ownership of France Telecom and has a customer base of around 17 million in UK.

“Orange is the largest 2G and 3G integrated network in UK”

Orange is also one of the leading mobile broadband providers in UK, who claims in providing coverage to more than 95% of the country. Orange has integrated its 2G and 3G networks to facilitate the coverage of the mobile broadband from many locations of UK. At present they offer a download speed of up to 3.6Mbps, but they are in plan to expand the speed range to 7.2Mbps within the end of this year 2010. Orange also promises for a complete refund if the mobile broadband USB modem was unable to get a proper coverage. But that has to be reported within the first two weeks.

‘2G is a technology used in a mobile network. It is divided in to GSM and CDMA based networks. The disadvantage of a 2G network is that a weak signal will be insufficient to reach a mobile tower. This is mainly a problem if 2G is deployed in a higher frequency. 3G technology has an upper hand and can offer better signal strength. Integration of these two technologies has been proved to be a cost effective and powerful method of IP transmission. This helps to meet more coverage requirement in the country.’

Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage map

Published by Ofcom and Orange.

The image shows two maps of UK. The one on the left in purple colour, was published by Ofcom. It shows the 3G network coverage of orange in UK. The coverage map on the right was published by Orange. It shows the coverage of both 2G and 3G networks integrated together. So it seems like Orange mobile broadband can provide a better coverage in most parts of UK. But the speed might vary depending upon the 2G or 3G signal that we receive.

Orange Mobile Broadband Coverage-Checker

Orange mobile broadband coverage seems to be more extended     in the south and also covers a larger area in the northern part of UK. All major cities seem to get a better signal and speed. While the other parts of the country will have a good signal strength but the speed cannot be guaranteed to reach the maximum limit of 3.2Mbps. Use the Orange mobile Broadband coverage checker to know the coverage and availability of the network in your area by using the Zip code.