Orange Mobile Broadband for iPad

Orange mobile extends its support for the mobile broadband users with the new micro SIM card for iPad. They provide a single plan with multiple add on packs for the users to more data at an effective price. Also they promise to provide a credit back on every new micro SIM purchase.

Orange Mobile iPad deals

Users who are orange favorite can now register to grab a micro SIM card plan for their iPad. But the iPad can be purchased only for Apple online or a local store. These SIM cards provide 3G broadband access from your iPad at 5p per MB and are available only as minimum one month contract. The maximum amount of data usage is capped to £40 per month. Any extra usage can be topped daily for 200MB at £2.00, weekly for 1GB at £7.50, monthly for 3GB at £15 and monthly for 10GB at £25. Both the monthly plans include free Wireless access to BT open zone Wi-Fi at a limited 750MB per month.

At present Orange offers a £10 free credit with the iPad micro SIM card or bundle. Existing users can add or cancel an iPad plan to their account by contacting 07973-100-150 or 150 from an Orange mobile.

How to Setup an Orange mobile micro SIM card?

  1. Register for your Orange micro SIM card online or by calling 0800-079-0285
  2. The micro SIM cards provided by Orange are ready to go, so it does not require activation
  3. Eject the SIM tray of the iPad using the eject tool provided along with the iPad kit
  4. Insert the micro SIM card inside the tray and close it
  5. Restart the iPad and connect it to the computer using the USB cable
  6. iTunes will be opened automatically for installing updates, so click on updates and you are set to go

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