Short Term Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband service is available as monthly contracts. Users who wish to have access to the internet using a USB modem can choose a Pay Monthly plan from any of the mobile broadband providers in UK. The user signs up a mutual agreement and confirms that he would pay for the data usage every month, based on the tariff of the respective plan.

Even though there is an increasing demand for the mobile broadband service, there are users who do not wish to signup of long term contracts. There are many users who feel inconvenient in binding up for long term plans of 12, 18 and 24 months. Also some users mostly use the internet as a mode of communication (emails, chat, etc.), for which they might not require more complicated plans and lot of data allowance.


Such users either choose to have a Pay as you Go service or do not choose the mobile broadband service. To facilitate these users the mobile operators of UK have several short term services. Instead of signing up for lengthy contracts, users can go out for a trial of few months to ensure comfort and then decide on their requirement. These short term plans allow the users to sign up for 1, 2, 3 or 12 months based on their choice. Users will be provided with a USB modem and data allowance of their choice. The user can access the internet till the short term contract is over and then decide either to continue or cancel. Some providers also allow the customer to top up and use the modem as a pay as you go modem.

Short Term Mobile Broadband Contracts in UK

Almost all the mobile broadband providers in UK have a certain short term contract to facilitate their customer base.

1 Month Contract

3 Mobile Broadband provides one month SIM only contract at £15 and one month USB modem contract at £15 plus £9.99. Both the plans provide a data allowance of 5GB for the first month. It’s the customer’s choice to either cancel or continue the service after the first month. Any excess usage beyond 5GB will cost 10p per MB. Also they provide the Mobile Wi-Fi service at £15 for 3GB of data allowance. The Mi-Fi modem is provided at a one-time cost of £49.99.

Vodafone offers a 30 day mobile broadband package which includes a USB modem, SIM card and data allowance of 3GB at just £19. Customers can top up for £15 to continue the service and enjoy 3GB of download every month.

Orange Mobile Broadband E1752 dongles can be purchase at a one off cost of £29. Data allowance of these devices is available for 3GB at £15 and 10GB at £25. Customers can add the data any time they want and can use it within 30 days.

O2 mobile broadband provides a simple one month usage at £15 and a dongle cost of £30. Other tariffs and roaming charges are same as the normal O2 plans. Also users can enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi within the O2 network even if they do not continue the service.

2 Months Contract

Virgin mobile broadband is the only provider who offers a flexible contract that allows the users to access the internet for 2 months. Users can choose either a 1GB plan at £10 and 3GB at £5 plus the mobile broadband modem at £24.99. Additional usage beyond 2GB will cost 1.46p per MB.

3 Months Contract

T-mobile broadband offers a 3 months plan which can be subscribed with a one off fee of £44.99. This includes a mobile broadband USB modem which allows access to 2GB of internet data per month. The modem offers a speed of 3.6Mbps, with a micro SD card reader and 4 different color covers. The modem can be switched to the pay per day plan once the 90 day period is over.

12 Months contract

Even though we already have a lot of options for a 12 months plan, T-mobile offers a one-time low investment that can provide internet service without any break for the next 12 months. Users can purchase a USB modem for £149.99 and get access to the internet for 12 months. The data allowance included every month would be 2GB.

Advantages of Short Term Contracts

Long term contracts do not provide the opportunity to change the mobile operator till the contract period. Also there is a penalty fee that has to be paid for skipping or cancelling the service before the contract period. While the short term contracts can help users to change providers frequently and there are no charges.

Customer can do an actual test of the service of the provider before he wishes to sign up for a contract. Also users might not worry about the shooting monthly bills and keep checking the data usage once in a while. Rare users of the internet and users who use the internet only as a mode of communication will get the best catch for the money they pay.