Some Important Guidelines for Mobile Broadband Users

Science and technology have created such wonderful strides that it has become possible for you to get connected online even through your mobile phone or laptop. Mobile broadband is not as cheap as you imagine and so make sure that you make your decision carefully before selecting a mobile broadband connection for yourself. Given below are some extremely vital guidelines that are sure to be helpful for you to make the right decision as far as mobile broadband is concerned.

1. First and foremost, you have to consider whether you actually have a requirement for a mobile broadband connection. If your broadband usage is limited to checking mails, browsing the net and chatting in order to keep in touch with your friends, you do not need to go in for a mobile broadband connection at all. Mobile broadband is also not suited for people who regularly download movies and music files and share their connection with other people at home. This connection is targeted mainly at business people who are constantly on the move and require keeping in constant touch with their office and clients so that their business does not suffer in any way.

2. There are two options you can avail of while selecting a mobile broadband connection. You can either go in for the Pay as you Go connection or the contract based connection according to your needs and requirements. The former kind of connection is a little more costly as compared to the latter that provides you with a free modem and other accessories related to it. The former connection cannot be used when you are abroad. On the other hand purchasing a long term connection will provide you with a lot of extra benefits like a free laptop, additional download period and subsidized rates for monthly subscriptions. However, make sure that the exciting packages are really worth the cost that you are going to pay before you make a decision.

3. You can also opt for the “Pay-up-front” scheme where you benefit from a reduced monthly subscription fee when you purchase a three to twelve month scheme that is offered by T- Mobile. This could be an ideal gift for your teenager who requires a mobile broadband connection.

4. It is advised to go in for USB modem if you are planning to go in for a mobile broad band connection. This comes in extremely useful when you have to access the net from alternate laptops or PCs at different times. You just require removing the USB from one PC and plugging it to another to get online. The latest technologies USBs are integrated with software which implies that you do not require an additional CD drive. Make sure that your laptop is integrated with a 3G broadband modem while some branded laptops like Sony and Dell come with built-in modems in their particular laptop version. This means that you do not need any mobile broadband modem for such laptops. You just require pushing in your SIM card into the laptop.

5. In the earlier days, when mobile broadband was just launched, they did not have excellent coverage although the situation is much improved now-a-days. It is vital that you enquire whether the mobile broadband service provider that you are going to select is trustworthy and provides you with excellent service with commendable speed. It would be a good idea to enquire about their service with people who already have the connection and ensure that it is worth the price you are going to pay for it. Mobile broadband modems are available in all kinds of sizes and differ in the dimension of their antennae. Do not forget to enquire whether the proposed mobile broadband provider offers you 3G or 3.5G coverage if you happen to possess a 3G mobile device.

6. Make it a point to check out the usage options when purchasing mobile broad band service. Various packages offer different usage options. While some packages offer unlimited downloads, others provide only a limited download usage. Costs also vary accordingly. It is imperative that you are certain about what exactly your usage is and then select a package that is best suited for your purpose. Keep in mind the fact that there unlimited offer is not as unlimited as you think. Every broadband service keeps a cut off limit for downloads or comes up with a “fair usage policy” to ascertain that all their clients receive unbiased service.

7. You can also avail of mobile broadband subscription over one year that will enable you to make use of their service even when you are out of the country. However it may cost a tidy packet even in EU.

8. Another tip is to make sure that you keep a constant check on your broadband usage and its functioning. Majority of the ISPs come with an application that can keep record of your usage. You can also avail of the tbbMeter device that I suitable for Windows 7, XP operating systems and Vista. This equipment can send out an alarm when your usage exceeds your limits. The tool also comes in useful to check out the speed of your connection.

9. Possessing a 3G mobile can help you to get online through your laptop device these days. This can be done with the aid of a Bluetooth cable or a USB. This process that is commonly known as “Internet tethering” cannot be made use of if you own a PAYG iPhone that comes with an O2 scheme. On the other hand you can go in for a 3.9 or 10GB “bolt-ons” that ranges from 15 to 20 p per GB. This scheme is meant for residents of the UK only and costs an extra fifteen pounds a month.

10. Last, but not the least, if you discover that you are not receiving the prescribed coverage for mobile broadband, it is best to put an end to the deal with the provider by claiming that they are not providing the promised coverage.

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