T mobile Broadband Abroad

T mobile is a German based mobile phone provider who operates a number of GSM networks in Europe and US. They are the seventh largest mobile operators in the world with almost 150 million subscribers out of which 16 million are from UK. The company itself is owned by Deutsche Telecom.

T mobile also takes the pride of maintaining the world’s largest WiFi network and the largest GPRS roaming which covers almost 27 countries. T-mobile Broadband service was launched in the year 2007. At present they serve the 99% of the population of the UK with their 2G network and 84% of the population with their 3G service.


List of European countries where T-Mobile broadband roaming is available

Azores, Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Denmark, France, Finland, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Madeira, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and Spain.

T Mobile Broadband Roaming Charges

T Mobile offers its mobile broadband access in all of the above mentioned European countries at £1.50 per MB which will be credited to the monthly T-mobile bill. Roaming charges for any other country which is not mentioned in the above list will be £7.50 per MB. Customers using T-Mobile Broadband plus, do not have the roaming facility activated by default. This facility will be available only after paying a minimum deposit. Users having difficulty in accessing the internet from abroad can contact the T-mobile customer service at 44-7953-966-150.

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