T-Mobile Broadband Coverage-UK

T-mobile is one of the largest mobile network companies in the world. T-mobile UK is managed by Deutsche Telekom AG, which has a mobile customer base of 86 million. Previously, T-mobile UK was known as One 2 One and is considered to be the first GSM 1800 network in the world.

The 3G network was launched by T-mobile  in 2004. After the merger of the 3G and HSDPA networks they became the largest HSDPA mobile network in UK along with 3 mobiles. By the end of 2008 T-mobile covered almost 99% of the population with its 2G network and almost 84% with the 3G network.  They also hold the pride of being the world’s largest GPRS roaming network and WIFI network with almost 1200 hotspots in UK.  The maximum download speed offered by T-mobile is around 7.2 Mbps.

T-Mobile Broadband Coverage Map

Published by Ofcom

The above map was released by Ofcom which shows the T-Mobile broadband coverage through a 3G network. On observation it seems like the Northern part of the country beyond Edinburg and Glasgow does not seem to receive a proper coverage.  Also the some parts of the eastern coast do not seem to receive a good signal. It looks fine for the people in the Southern part of England. The major cities in UK seem to receive good signal strength.

One has to remember that the map indicates only the 3G service which offers a speed of 7.2Mbps. Users from the other part of the country may be receiving the broadband connection using a 2G network, but with a lower download speed. The best way to identify the signal strength of a particular area is by using the T-mobile broadband coverage checker, which will give the coverage report of a certain place by using the postal code.

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