T Mobile Broadband Laptop

T mobile offers a free Samsung or Compaq laptop with its mobile broadband package. Customers who love to have a prestigious laptop and go wireless anywhere and anytime can choose T mobile’s mobile broadband laptop deals. There are no initial deposits are inherent costs, it’s absolutely with a 24 months mobile broadband contract.

T-Mobile Free Laptop Deals

  1. The mobile broadband contract is for 24 months at £25 or £30 per month.
  2. The free laptops offered are Compaq Presario CQ61-305SA and Samsung N130.
  3. The mobile broadband dongle is absolutely free.
  4. Unlimited browsing of either 3GB or 5GB per month.
  5. Unlimited text messaging.
  6. Also unlimited internet calling through SKYPE for the £30 per month plan.

Compaq Laptop Configuration

  1. The Compaq Presario CQ61-305SA is a 41.4mm thick laptop with a 15.6” high definition display.
  2. It has got a 2GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive which is loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium.
  3. This Compaq machine runs on an AMD Sempron processor with a 512KB L2 cache memory.
  4. Other features include 802.11 b/g WLAN, 5.1 digital media reader and a double layer supported DVD writer.

Samsung Laptop Configuration

  1. Samsung N130 is a smaller 10.1” notebook which is 29.7mm thick.
  2. It has got a 1GB memory and a hard drive of 160GB loaded with Windows XP Home SP3.
  3. The little machine runs on an Intel Atom processor N270 with a 512KB FSB.
  4. This mini computer does not have an optical drive instead it has got a 3.1 card reader.
  5. Also the machine is capable of accessing a WLAN.

T Mobile Broadband Analysis

  1. The configuration of the Compaq seems to suit well for frequent users while the Samsung laptop will hold good for beginners and travelers.
  2. Even though the plan is advertised as unlimited, the usage is restricted to 3GB and 5GB for the Compaq and Samsung laptops respectively.
  3. The contract available for subscription is only 24 months.
  4. Cost per month is not very low as well as not very high, it seems to be average.