T-Mobile Broadband Top-ups

T-mobile provides one of the best mobile broadband services in UK, which offers a download speed of 3.6Mbps. T-mobile offers a Pay as you Go service in the name of pay per day. This service provides 3 types of USB dongles- USB 120 stick black, USB stick 120 pink and USB stick 150 black.

The USB sticks 120 are offered for £8.99 and the USB stick 150 is available for £29.99. These plans are included with an unlimited data usage, subjected to fair usage policy. However the fair usage policy allows only 2GB of data allowance per month. T-mobile does not charge its customers for excess usage, instead restricts them out of service. New customers can now enjoy 30 days of unlimited browsing only for the first month at a cost of £2.

T-mobile offers a wide variety of Top up for mobile broadband like £2 per day, £7 per week and £15 per month. Also special booster packs are available on a monthly basis for just £12.50 per month. There are many other booster packs which provide unlimited text messaging for £10 per month and unlimited weekend text for just £5 per month.

Above all T-mobile also offers special Euro booster packs to facilitate frequent travelers to get connected in the whole of Europe. The Europe booster packs are offered as 3MB pack at £1 for 15 minutes, 20MB pack at £5 for 2 hours, 50MB pack at £10 for a day and 200MB pack at £40 for one month. These packs does a lot for roaming users since they are much cheaper than any other plans from other providers as well. But users must remember to top up for the required amount before they start the journey. These boosters allow access to the internet to almost all the countries of Europe.

Travelling from one destination to another within Europe will cost the same amount as mentioned earlier but the connection might not work if travelled outside Europe. However unlimited browsing is not allowed in any of the Euro booster packs of T-mobile. Users can use the My T-mobile service to top up their account online.

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