Tethering vs Mobile Broadband


  1. Tethering is a process of connecting to the internet using a mobile phone as a modem.
  2. The mobile phone is connected to the computer using a data cable and the SIM card access the mobile network.
  3. The connection software and driver files have to be manually installed in the computer to connect to the internet.
  4. The speed of the internet connection varies based on the type of mobile phone and SIM card. (2G, 2.5G, 3G or 4G)
  5. Tethering option can be activated or deactivated from the mobile phone plan as per the wish of the customer.
  6. Users will not be able to make or receive calls while using the mobile phone as a modem to connect to the internet.

Mobile Broadband

  1. Mobile broadband uses a USB modem to connect to the internet.
  2. The USB modem is connected to computer directly or using a USB cable. It also uses a SIM card to access the mobile network.
  3. The USB modem installs the driver and connection manager automatically once it is connected to the computer.
  4. The speed of the internet connection depends on the coverage and signal strength. All the 3G services receive a minimum speed of 2Mbps and a maximum of 14Mbps.
  5. Mobile Broadband is a dedicated service which requires the user to choose a plan at the time of purchase.
  6. Since Mobile Broadband modem is a dedicated internet service users can access all the services at the same time. However voice calls are made using chat or VOIP services.


2 Responses to “Tethering vs Mobile Broadband”
  1. David N says:

    I use my Sony Ericson Mobile as a modem to conect my laptop to the internet, either connecting via broadband or cable. I do not pay 3 for their full internet package, just the ‘unlimited’ internet for £5.00 per month.

    I can receive and make phone calls at the same time that I am connected.

    I can also receive emails to Outlook but cannot send them, does anyone know whether there are any changes to the Outlook settings that can be made to allow this?

  2. David N says:

    Sorry that should read ‘connecting via bluetooth or cable.