Unlock Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is accessible using USB modem, dongle, data card and inbuilt modems in laptop. However, the most convenient and widely used gadget is the mobile broadband dongle. The reason for the USB dongles to be a favorite gadget is because its plug and play, compact, compatible and easy to install with almost all the computers. These dongles are capable of accessing the 3G network of the respective mobile operator and enable you to go online.

Have you ever struck without a coverage or slow speed or frequent disconnection or dissatisfied service? If you have any of these issues with your dongle and are you looking for a switch over?

All the dongles provided in UK broadband providers are locked for the respective service. This is mainly done to recover the subside cost. But it’s possible to unlock the dongles and switch to another service by replacing the SIM card.

Is unlocking dongles illegal?

Is it not the first question that you get in your mind when you think of unlocking your USB dongle? Ok! The answer is it is not. However, you abide by the terms and conditions of the contract signed with your service provider.

To make it clear, answer the below mentioned questions

  1. Is the dongle still under the contract period?
    Dongles purchased under a monthly contract can be unlocked if the contract period is expired. However under special cases where the user has tried all possible steps but haven’t solved an issue with the service, then users can unlock the dongle. But they still abide to the policies of the contract. Request to unlock the dongle is the decision of the provider.
  2. Is this a PAYG broadband dongle?
    In case of PAY as you GO, the dongles can be unlocked either by contacting the provider or by using a third party software. But any damage to the device or firmware by using third party software will not be taken care by the provider. Also the providers do not guarantee the device is unlocked.

How to unlock the USB dongle?

Issues related to the service can be resolved by making a formal complaint. Click the link to know the different mobile broadband complaint options and mobile broadband resources.

If you have tried all of the support options but still struck up without a solution or if the provider has written to you that the issue cannot be resolved, then you can certainly try the unlocking option.

O2 mobile does not lock any of its dongles to the network except for the ZTE dongles. Pay monthly customers with ZTE dongle can unlock the dongle any time free of cost by raising a formal request. PAYG customers of O2 with ZTE dongles can unlock the dongle after a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, free of cost.

3-mobile insists it’s customer to not to unlock the dongles using any unauthorized manner. Instead these dongles will be replaced with a similar unlocked dongles if the users raise a request. But these unlocking procedures are liable for a minimal charge.

T-mobile also requests its users to contact the customer care to unlock the dongle. Also it provides software to unlock the USB stick 530 dongle.

Other mobile broadband users can contact the respective mobile operators to unlock the dongles which can be charged up to a maximum of £30. But trying out any third party software completely relies on the own risk of customer.