USB modem for the PAYG Mobile Broadband

Frustrated with no way to connect to the internet in your travel? Not to worry! Mobile Broadband is the best option. You can get the mobile broadband dongle for accessing this connection.

Broadband Dongle is better known as the USB modem, which you can work by linking to your PC. Dongle is the term used for a USB device. 3 mobile introduced the first mobile internet service with the USB modem better known as the broadband dongle.

Main benefit for a mobile broadband service is the portability that allows the user to access the internet service from anywhere that can get the service from the mobile phone. You also can work it from abroad, using a service with option that allows worldwide roaming facility.

Most Mobile broadband dongle can function well with both laptops and desktop PCs. Meanwhile, it comes with certain benefits. Let us go through some, here.

Those who have no wish to pay rent for a permanent phone line can opt for the best mobile broadband service. It is also suitable for frequent travellers. This helps you avoid any cancellation fees or moving fees for fixed line, in the instance that the users change their address.

Easily, portable it is a better option than a bulky WiFi router or modem, which can be used at only one place. These slim and light broadband dongles can be easily carried along every where you go.

You can also go for mobile broadband service offering a modem or dongle and a start up kit, or you can get your own dongle, thus saving you the added fee.

There are various plans available that you can opt for.

  • Pay As You Go (PAYG) is one of the plans easily available. You have the option to for paying for a definite period like a day, 7 days, or a month or for the stipulated data usage.
  • Pay Per day service lets the user to pay beforehand for a day, a week or a month. Some even allow for 3 months payment ahead. Meanwhile, the Pay per GB packages allows you to pay upfront for the data used, at a fixed amount per GB.
  • On the other hand, mobile broadband Pay Per Day deals have limits for the usage even as the Pay Per GB may have time limits. Once the time period is up, you will loose out on the data left. The service can be valid for either a month or 3 months.

Next, consider the coverage. However, this is no more a problem with the advent of 3G Broadband connections.

There are also 1- month contract option, somewhat same as the PAYG. However, PAYG deals are more varied.