Virgin Mobile Broadband Coverage-UK

Virgin Media is a largest quadruple-play media company in UK which offers a variety of services like television, fixed landline, Mobile phone and broadband in to a single package. Virgin media started providing the internet service since 1996, which was then solely owned by NTL in 2004.

Virgin Media  provides the mobile broadband service using the 3G network. They provide coverage of almost 85% in the country. Since they use only the 3G network the speed of the mobile broadband service will be good. The maximum speed that is offered using the mobile broadband service would be 7.2 Mbps. But it can vary depending up on the coverage and signal strength in a particular area.

Virgin Mobile Broadband Coverage Map

Since Virgin is mostly concentrated in bundled packages there isn’t any separate coverage map that was launched by either Ofcom or Virgin media by themselves. But they claim that their 3G network have covered 85% of the country. Almost all the major cities receive a very good signal, but otherwise customers can use the virgin mobile broadband coverage checker to know the signal strength of their area.