Vodafone Mobile Broadband Abroad

Vodafone Group was founded in 1983 as Rascal Telecom in UK and has grown in to a multinational mobile network with revenue of more about £71.2billion. As per a recent survey it’s the third largest telecom operator in terms of revenue and the second largest in terms of subscribers in the world. It has its own operation in 31 countries and partner networks in almost 40 countries.

Vodafone Mobile Broadband Roaming Charges

Vodafone mobile broadband is accessible in the whole of Europe and many other parts of the world. In order to track the usage in different countries Vodafone has divided the rest of UK in to two zones. Zone 1 includes the whole of Europe and Zone 2 includes countries from the rest of Europe.  The charge for Vodafone mobile broadband abroad does not vary between the monthly contract and the pay as you go service.  The roaming charges is not calculated per MB, instead a nominal price for every 50 MB. As per Vodafone’s calculation 50MB can facilitate 4 hours of browsing and 100 emails.

Usage in countries falling under the zone-1 will be charged £9.99 for every 50MB. Usage in countries falling under the zone-2 will be charged £29.99 for every 50MB.  Also Vodafone  provides special roaming packages included with the first time purchase. Frequent travelers can add these packs to their monthly billing, which will have similar per MB rates as in UK. All the usage will be intimated frequently via text message while browsing.

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