Vodafone Mobile Broadband for iPad

Vodafone offers a new mobile broadband micro SIM card to help the iPad users to access the 3G broadband network. They provide three different plans which can be purchased based on the usage of the customer.

Vodafone iPad Deals

Users can get the iPad only from Apple online or from the local store. These iPads are capable of accessing 3G and WiFi networks. To facilitate the iPad users, Vodafone offers a 3G micro SIM card as three different plans. All the three plans are available as a rolling one month contract with a data usage of 1GB, 3GB and 5GB. The 1GB data usage is offered at £10 per month, 3 GB at £15 per month and 5GB at £25 per month. All the plans include a free Wi-Fi access across UK. The iPad account of Vodafone can be activated and maintained by contacting the customer care of Vodafone.

How to Setup Vodafone micro SIM card?

  1. Register online to receive a free Vodafone Mobile Broadband
  2. The micro SIM card provided by Vodafone is inactivated, so users have to contact the customer care to activate it.
  3. Using the eject tool, users may eject the SIM card tray of the iPad.
  4. Insert the SIM card in the tray and gently push it inside.
  5. Once the activation is completed, restart the iPad to get connected to the Vodafone mobile broadband network.

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