Vodafone Mobile Broadband Top Ups

Vodafone mobile broadband offers a Top up and Go USB modem stick for £30. It includes a £15 top up to access of 3GB of data within the first month. The download speed of the USB dongle is 3.6Mbps. This dongle is compatible with both Windows and MAC systems. Also it has a micro SD slot that allows access to 4GB memory card.

The users have to top up their account after finishing off the 3GB of data allowance for any further usage. To top up a Vodafone mobile broadband users have to register the number to the My Account Vodafone service. This service allows top ups using 3 different ways- Registering credit/debit card, activate a voucher online and top up directly through online banking service.

Users can verify the data usage by clicking the balance check icon to know the available credit before topping up. Vodafone mobile broadband offers top up for only £15 with 3GB of data allowance for one month at a speed of 3.6Mbps. Choosing any other top ups will not be added to the account. Vodafone does not charge extra for any excess usage instead cuts off the service. Beyond which the service has to be activated.

All the Vodafone pay as you go mobile broadband dongles has a bar from international roaming across. Vodafone also might charge users extra if they attempt to open any content which Vodafone has blocked. Also abusive usage of the network would lead to moderation form Vodafone or block access to the network. For any pricing related queries users can get in touch with Vodafone by dialing 191 from the mobile broadband dashboard or from a Vodafone mobile.