aWireless Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband is a type of internet connection that is accessible through a mobile network at a speed almost equal to a broadband connection. It’s very familiar that mobile technology is used to transmit data wirelessly. There are many kinds of devices used to access the mobile network like mobile broadband dongle, USB modem, USB stick, etc.

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What is Wireless Mobile Broadband?

Wireless mobile broadband is a description given to a mobile broadband connection that is shared by multiple users. Somewhat similar to a Wi-Fi or Hotspot, however both work in different ways. Basically a mobile broadband connection is shared using a network device among a group of users in a particular household.

We can use two types of devices to share the mobile broadband connection.

1. Wireless Router
2. Mi-Fi Router

3 Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

3 Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router is a device that allows access to wireless enabled devices like laptops, computers etc. A 3 Mobile USB modem is plugged in to the rotatable USB port to access the internet. This internet connection can be shared between multiple wireless devices and one wired device using an Ethernet port. However the download speed will be good enough if shared between 3 to 4 devices.


This Router requires an external power source which restricts outdoor usage. But the Router is capable of providing wireless access between 30 to 100 meters. Overall it can be a best choice for use in a house or office environment. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and MAC computers. 3 Mobile Wi-Fi Router can be purchased only from the 3 Store or by calling 0870-333-3354.

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3 Mi-Fi Modem

3 Mi-Fi is a simple mobile Router that allows wireless internet access. It is mobile broadband modem cum Router. The device connects to the 3 mobile networks using a SIM card and provides wireless 802.11 b/g access to multiple devices like laptops, I-pods, I-phones, etc.


This device works using a rechargeable lithium battery which can provide 5 hours of continuous web browsing. The wireless range of the Mi-Fi Router is between 25-30 meters. It holds to be the best equipment for wireless internet sharing especially for frequent travelers. It is compatible with both Windows and Apple products.

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T Mobile Broadband Wireless Router

T Mobile Broadband introduced a Wireless Router called the Share Dock 100 which allows mobile internet to be shared among many wireless devices. It connects to the internet using a T mobile USB modem. The speed of connection might reduce if it is shared with more than 4 computers. It also allows wired access to one computer using an Ethernet port.


It also uses an external power source, so it’s not ideal for outdoor usage. It is also compatible with Windows and MAC computers.

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What’s the difference between Wireless Router and Mi-Fi Router?

  1. A mobile broadband USB modem or a USB dongle should be plugged in to the wireless router to access the internet. Whereas a Mi-Fi router has an inbuilt mobile broadband modem which can access the 3G network.
  2. A wireless router works using an external power source, while the Mi-Fi router is powered using a rechargeable lithium battery making it completely mobile.
  3. A Wireless Router provides wired access only using an Ethernet port, but Mi-Fi Router provides wired access using a USB cable.
  4. Wireless Routers available in the UK markets at present are larger in size than the Mi-Fi Routers.
  5. The wireless signal ranges are between 30-100 meters in a Wireless Router, but the Mi-Fi Routers can provide access only between 25-30 meters.

Advantages of Wireless Mobile Broadband

  1. USB modems or dongles can be used only by one computer or laptop, while wireless enabled mobile broadband devices can provide access to multiple devices at the same time.
  2. Users do not want to search for Wi-Fi hotspots during their travel. These devices can create their own hotspots providing access to many wireless gadgets from anywhere.
  3. Devices like Mi-Fi Router do not require any external power source which makes it even more convenient for frequent travelers.

Mobile Broadband and Wi-Fi Packages

Some of the mobile broadband providers like O2 offer unlimited Wi-Fi minutes to access their Wi-Fi hotspots within UK using any wireless enabled laptops. Users can get these Wi-Fi minutes with any O2 Mobile Broadband packages.

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