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    You can now compare a wide variety of mobile broadband deals available in UK. Also check out the prices, offers, deals and much more. Verify the speed of the mobile broadband providers, check the availability, monthly pay, and the cost of the dongle before you purchase them. Also you can read the reviews of the product, know the coverage details and the fair usage policy of the provider, which might help you to choose the plan that satisfies you.

Editor's picks

Unlimited Business Broadband + PAYG Calls
From 17.00 a Month. 24 month contract. 0.00 acti
a month
Fast Broadband
Fast Broadband - £24.95 a month for 18 month
a month
Fibre 35
Fibre 35 - £22.00 a month for 18 months and
a month

Broadband Packages Speed Usage
First Year
BT Infinity Broadband and Weekend Calls
  • £7.50 for 3 Months, Line rental from £10.75, Add TV from £4.00 a Month, Save upto 50%.
40GB18 months Nil 7.00 for 3 Months then 18 a Month £338.50
Virgin Media Student Broadband + Phone / Student Broadband + TV + Phone

100+ TV channels (6 in HD), Talk Weekend Super Hub wireless router,Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers,Line rental included,9 month contract.plus one off installation fee just £49.95.

Unlimited9 months Nil 10.21 a month at a 18 month Contract.Dongle is free.Get 20% off ,if you already having the virgin media home broadband (or) virgin mobile. £122.52
Virgin Media Student Broadband-9 month Broadband contracts
  • Exclusive 9 month broadband contracts.
  • Super hub and new super hub wireless router.
  • Superfast upto 30Mb and 60Mb broadband.
Unlimited9 months Nil 15.32 a month at a 2 months(Flexible Contract).Dongle cost of 24.99 & Delivery Cost of 4.99 is applicable. £213.82
Full House 100Mb
  • £49 a Month
  • 3GB of Data
  • 7.2MB Modem
3GB18 months Nil 49 a month at a 18 month Contract.Free Dongle. £275.76
Netbook with Built-in Mobile Broadband(1GB)

Samsung N150 Netbook of £41.70 with built-in 1GB Business Mobile Broadband.

1GB24 months Nil Free Samsung N150 Netbook with built-in mobile broadband(1GB) at 21.27(exc.VAT). £297.06
Netbook with Built-in Mobile Broadband(3GB)

Free Samsung N150 Netbook with built-in 3GB Business Mobile Broadband.

3GB24 months Nil 25.53 a month with Free Samsung Netbook with built-in mobile broadband at a 24 Month contract. £306.36
Vodafone Mobile Broadband Standard

Free high speed USB modem stick available with 3GB mobile broadband data.

3GB12 months Nil 3GB Mobile Broadband at 15.32 a month for a 12 month contract.Free USB Modem Stick. £183.84
Mobile Broadband + Samsung NetBook

Free Samsung N130 Netbook with built-in 1GB & 3GB Mobile Broadband.

1GB24 months Nil 25 & 30 a month with Free Samsung Netbook with built-in 1GB & 3GB mobile broadband at a 24 Month contract. £300.00
Asus 1005H Laptop with 3GB

Free Asus 1005H Laptop with 3GB & 500MB Wi-Fi minutes.

3GB24 months Nil 3GB data allowance at 25 per month with Free Asus 1005H Laptop.500 Wi-Fi minutes. £300.00
O2 Mobile Broadband + Sony Vaio EB1E0E

Sony Vaio EB1E0E Laptop Price of £99 with mobile broadband & unlimited wi-fi.

3GB24 months Nil Sony Vaio EB1E0E Laptop with Mobile Broadband at 30 per month.Unlimited Wi-Fi minutes & laptop price is 99.00. £459.00